markings, glyphs, and artwork meanings

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Morin Khur got me started thinking about some of the things the devs have put in game that may or may not be clues to lore or future events. MK has a lot. Take this one:

This patter is used on almost all of their buildings. At first it looks like a so what until you look at other architecture:

Notice the wooden sculpture at the top of the building, it's also all over Morin Khur, and it's the half image of the repeating scrollwork on the buildings. Put just two of those together facing each other at the top and you get:

The image on the left! This is everywhere in Morin Khur. The dash in the center stands for something. A person? A deity? A weapon??? Whatever it is, after looking at these two images all over town, whenever they are together, the image on the right is always addressing the image on the left at the same angle. It appears to me to be a person worshiping the left image (on two knees with arm outstretched and face looking upward. The left image is definitely a symbol of something to be revered, or feared. It is by itself many places, but the "worshiper" never is by itself. I also think that the stone and wood statue all over town has to do with the worshiped symbol:

If you take the outer hanging rim, it's the same basic image as all the others, an omega-esque symbol, but with a circle in the center instead of a dash like the script on the drapery. But there is definitely correlation between these images and I think they have to do with the worshiped deity or object of Morin Khur.

Anyone else have anything?


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Anyone tried checking if those symbols have any sort of real world likeness? Unfortunately I don't even know how I'd do it.

Edit: Tried doing some image searches on those symbols but didn't come up with anything. These things aren't 100% though, so someone else trying would be nice though. Anyone got any guesses on if they could be inspired by any real language?
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I'm more interested in if there is any similarities with any other region in the game. The more we can tie two places together the better this easter egg hunt will work out. As was posted in the Thunderegg thread, it can be dangerous to build some theories around the total meaning behind anything SV may have used to incorporate into the game. They're not gonna take the entire greek mythology and incorporate it into the game; they'll borrow concepts but change the names , symbols but change their meanings. But if we can find these things in other places then we can start to piece together at least relationships. Logical map = i don't know exactly where i am, but im 2 spaces left of this thing and 3 spaces behind this thing.

I hope others start using this thread to post images of other markings and things of interest so they can all be together in one place.