Meduli Area Spawn Map

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In game, I offer quite a bit more than vendor for certain carcasses, when it's specific materials I am after. Most times though when I offer the hunting bouties, they never seem to know how to get to the spawns...

This is a link I have been providing as a map to use to find the spawns I hire them to get.

West Side Spawn Map

Its nothing exciting, and there are spawns missing on it, true.

Maybe it could help out a few new hunters out there to go for more than just belbus. Or those in search of certain mats who want to get them, themselves.


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A while ago i made a similar map for resources around Vadda, and looked around the web for icons to use on the map

These came up, hope they're useful to you

Resize as you see fit
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That would make it much nicer.. I will. Thanks.

I hated the color thing.
Thanks for sharing


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When I click on the link, it says something like "you have reached your bandwidth limit, please upgrade"... ???
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yea, i just saw that last night too. Going to fix it here..

EDIT: Done. Till it breaks again... copy with icons instead of dots is almost done..


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Nice map and I like the icons.
A legend would be nice though, I'm trying to skill up a tamer in the area and want to know where the water lizards are, I have written directions but a marker on the map would be better, I might just have to try to earn some cash and buy the book. IDk
It would be nice to get this and the Animalia Historia linked up with a common icon system
The other thing I think your map could use is a latest update date, I realize from your post this is fairly new now but I think its just good practice.
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Well the water lizards are the one in the bottom SE of the map. East edge of that beach with turtles. There are also some into the jungles, but I find the ones on the beach better since they have a large quantity of them in a small area there, and no searching in bushes.

And yea, I have much updating to do in the guides and this map as well. This was something I just whipped up to give to hunters in-game when they asked where a spawn was around Meduli...
I done this before, I went around nave for like a week, putting down the spawns.

What I did is make a key like wisent was WI, bears was B and rabbits was R , razorbacks was RB.

etc stuff like that also if it was a big spawn, i make the text bigger.
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