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Duels and testing... Testing and duels... Is it a mixture of mouse and keyboard? Or is it as simple as click and drag? Duels and testing... Testing and duels... Walking into the fight vs Jousting... Is it a mixture? Testing and duels....


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3. do i keep lifetime sub if i buy CONFLUX PACKAGE now, will it be transferred to MO2? or i have to sub monthly again for the game?
as a consumer, LIFETIME SUB MEANS LIFETIME SUB. but if you terminate the game in which consumers paid for that's a breach of contract. unless you compensate for it with the same or equal value.
That's bullshit. Lifetime sub means for the life of the game. Meaning you always get a subscription for the game for free when the option to buy one exists. Sure whether it should apply to MO2 or not as MOs continuation could be debated. But there is no breach of contract when the game shuts down and you can't play it anymore no matter if you have a "lifetime sub" or not. I'd argue if you buy a game and even the offline part requires online services so when their services end you can't even play the offline part anymore is a shit move but when an exclusively online game shuts down they owe you nothing.


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Never listen to Karen's.
MO2 persistent by the end of 2020? I'd love to see it succeed, but judging by the combat alpha videos I've seen, this is basically just a reboot of MO1 with very slightly better graphics.

Combat looks janky as ever.
Monsters and NPC's will probably still have wonky animations, pathfinding, hitboxes, etc, same shit as in MO1.
Performance will probably tank with any decent number of players in the same place.
On top of that they're gonna fix and balance the myriad things people have already been hounding them about for years while they made big sand continents for a non-existent playerbase or adding magic systems noone really asked for.

For the record I'd love to be wrong, its on my Steam wishlist and I'll check it out at the end of the year.


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Anyone know when the next bunch of $39 steam keys are coming?