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Just think about a large map with long riding between from one side to the other, e.g. one or two hours to cross the complete map. Everybody will be "stucked" to a certain location with one character only. If my guild gets sieged and I'm exploring another corner of the map at that time, I will never be able to make it to the fight in time. So experienced players will buy multi accounts as usual even if they can't play them at the same time at the same PC.
The current mechanic that prevents you from using more than 1 F2P per day works fine, doesn't it? I didn't hear of any exploits yet got get around that limitation. So an extension of that could be used to prevent players from logging into several accounts...
@Henrik Nystrom I believe you made this announcement a bit too early.

It will be years I think before MO2 goes live unless ya'll have been working on it already.

Oh and please dont carry over anything from MO except for maybe titles.
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Im curious , will we have 5000 skill points (or equivalent) or what , single character seem nice but errrr I wanna see the solution ,

Don't transfer items and gold I'm totally ok with that , but I hope we will get some skill book , skills or at least another system ( I don't wanna take 3 week toread everything ... )
Put enough friction in front of people and it will deter the majority from even attempting.
perhaps, but it just means the people you would least want to have any large advantage like this will be the ones doing so on the regular

I would like to add to the plethora of voices and haunt SV with this battle cry: Wipe it all!

While doing the above would be painful in the short term, the alternative would be a long-term failure of epic proportions. I believe enough well constructed arguments have been posted in support of this statement already.

Other than that, love the direction.
Love the 1 account - 1 character approach.
Love the idea of a world where exploration plays a much larger role.
Love the idea of conflict becoming meaningful once more.
Love the community coming together for it all.

Just please don't screw this up.
Also, agreed with non transfering, but i think veterans need to get somthing like a "start kit" ,title something better then nothing
I am beyond excited for this new game! Please, keep the breeding system in the new game. It's my favorite part of Mortal and the new version would be just another boring gsme without it.
As far as wealth goes, let everyone start over fresh. New game, new life.


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"at first stage it wont be the persistent game released"

Doesnt this just mean that it will be released in a shitty state and then alot of people will never give it a 2nd chance?
It makes me think of StarCitizen releasing 'Modules'. Fighting module, building module etc
Talk of lore, rethought systems, cool, who are you hiring to lead this?

if it's the same team making MO dumber I wouldn't expect a success.

SV team dynamics suck. Workflow is slow, and sporadic, systems come out with no follow through, poor team alignment, there is a hostility to new ideas,
parts of MO work against design, communication is terrible, team roles are reactive, this is what needs improvement. The product flows from the team.


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what its gonan be like 3rd game what SV fail at ? you need game desinger ? i have couple
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Lol you rather we stick with this shitty outdated game that lets hackers and duper’s stay in the game ruining the economy and any chance for new players to enjoy the game ?

Face it , MO is just TOO FAR GONE - this should have happened YEARS AGO . Now that the Devs are finally doing the right thing I think I will sub again and practice pvp until MO 2 comes out (I don’t care if it takes years , I will wait for it),

Better news could not have come sooner because chronicles of Elyria keeps delaying its fucking pre alpha ...
I was talking about my own post you silly head, calm down, take a breather I know you're excited.


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It's certainly not Persistence

Someone aptly pointed that out to me just now, the history of MO will be dead with this transfer, it's no longer a persistent world. And thats a big loss in my eyes, perhaps the biggest.

I think the announcement would do well with more specifics, such as why should I continue to play MO currently? What kinds of things will/wont transfer?

Should i keep building my TC or no? Lot's of questions here, because it's leaning towards; no dont bother.
You need to get over it man and realize it's a game and doing that stuff should be fun. Did you really think MO would last forever and your work would never be deleted? If you're not having a good time doing it...what's the point? Play until MO2, then prepare for the new adventure.
I'm so excited about everything I read. Especially the lore. I hope it's still set in Nave. And bring back Mats to really continue fleshing out this world as it was originally realised.

I especially like what the one character rule is trying to push in spirit, let's just hope we get a strong launch so that people don't need to be as self-sufficient as they have so far.

Really work on innovating what makes MO great. Don't just cut and paste mechanics.

And quite frankly, it does suck a little to start over, but I'm quite happy to see the slate wiped clean for a whole new game. Part of the fun of MMO is building things.
There's also lots of unique charme connected to that name. Even for those that didn't stick around. More than you maybe think love the idea, but hated the execution.
I was going to suggest something in the opposite direction, like forming a shell company with a different name to make a sequel with a new label and hoping no-one ever connected the two.

Alas, there are so many people out there who froth at the mouth at the mention of 'Mortal Online' and 'Star Vault'-- I guess that's no surprise.