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if you're only allowed to state 3 wishes for MO2, which ones would those be?

Let me start:
- More dynamic events across the map.
- Improved AI (no walking or shooting through walls and better collision, AI ignoring hight e.g. attacking from ground of lake).
- Reduced TC scope (e.g. no guards)
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1. An proper living, breathing world that actually lives up to its name, not used as a meaningless marketing term. NPCs that have a set of objectives and will try to accomplish them in whatever way it deems fit, based on variables like temperament, alignment and scope. For example, a mild farmer who had its crops eaten by wild animals (which are also driven by their own objectives) might set up traps to catch them, but those same traps might end up injuring a player who is passing through. Or the farmer might put up a poster on the local town’s message board which reads, “Help needed to protect crops from pests”.

2. Boats and ships that can be manned by player crews and sailed across the seas as transports, combat vessels or whatever else the player can think of. Pleasure liners for in-game party events, simple fishing trawlers, personal use, etc. This will require that SV eliminate all loading screens when crossing continents, which I hope UE4 will be more than capable of doing.

3. More dramatic weather effects and day and night cycles that have a visible effect on the world and player activities. For example, at night certain mobs will be less active or may retreat for shelter altogether, while nocturnal creatures will become more active and aggressive. At night, the temperature will drop while during the day it will be higher. Rainy weather will increase the likelihood of being knocked down by mounts or the rider being thrown off due to slippery terrain. Make stormy weather look more foreboding, kind of like the emission blowouts in Stalker but keep the lightning strikes as they are now.
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I've been waiting for this thread my whole life.

- Massive WORLD. I already love the world of MO1 and the feeling and i hope sv builds on that.
- Less numbers. For example no health points but after 4 or 5 stabs you are dead.
- Man i want total balance. Yin and Yang! Not good balance but eSport SC2 CounterStrike Mount&Blade Chess balance.

For me MO was always a high tech game but i hope it gets a bit more arcade in some areas. Just a bit easier without losing the deepness. AND i really hope "Fighting" in generell gets changed. Bandages for example are such a silly idea in my eyes. Sprinting away from a fight with 10 HP (near death experience) while bandaging, than waiting for the heal, back to fight, than the other guy puts his sword away and runs while bandaging etc etc... I dont know how to express this idea really but i would love if fighting would be more brutal. No matter what armor or weapon you have, if your enemy is a "citizen" (in good condition) with a hammer and he knows how to use it, and you choose to fight him you are also in real danger. Basically i want less numbers. If someone in MO2 asks how to be a fighter the answer should be more "learn to fight" and less "you need max hp, str, con, height and the current most dmg output op weapon". But to be honest i dont even want to fight in MO2, i want to LIVE IN MO2.


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1. Good graphics that are so good that it blows you off the chair. htat people start trying it just because they saw awesome graphics they never saw.

2. PVE balance, i mean risk vs reward, i mean Rewarding group pve, right now its like if you hunt with 4poeple its un efficent as hell. more animals would solve that issue for example, or higher rewards in 2-4 men dungeons. generel less dangerous dungeons, the real danger should be other players not buggy and shitty ai with overpowered shit attacks that kills you to fast even with a 5men group vs 1-2 elemental guards/mages.

3. less Time waste mechanics in general, why limited nodes, why not unlimited granum or whatever but lower yield, were is the problem zo change the machanics that it make more sense. like sv needs to find a way to make tasks less shitty and boring. or atleast make stuff that makes sense a 10000 tons granum rocks dont get out of rock the fuck. change the machnaics around not make mechanics that give no sense like limit granum, you could also make animatied decrease of big rocks and they respawn or they have for example 1000 million granum and if its gone in that part of the mine for example than another tunnel ar emade that in 10 years we would have a huge mine.

lets hope the best that are my 3 priority points.


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1. Not even ships but also wagons (to carry even more than on a horse back, or to transport people) and mounts for two persons (e.g. campodons).
2. Traveling NPCs like the walking trader NPC in Sarducaa. Or bandits moving between different spots on the map next to roads.
3. NPCs and animals with knowledge about walls! Two days ago I nearly lost a horse in a house with locked doors and no windows. Of cause a bird or bat could fly above palisades or a spider could climb above palisades. This would be interesting to beast masters ti use different types of animals e.g. for a siege.
4. Filled world like in Haven! There are only very few empty spots.
1. More dynamic events, as you mentioned.
2. Bigger difference between races.
3. Improved graphics with more weather types. Would be cool if there would be snowstorms in the north, Sandstorms in the desert and so on.
1. Not even ships but also wagons (to carry even more than on a horse back, or to transport people) and mounts for two persons (e.g. campodons).
2. Traveling NPCs like the walking trader NPC in Sarducaa. Or bandits moving between different spots on the map next to roads.
3. NPCs and animals with knowledge about walls! Two days ago I nearly lost a horse in a house with locked doors and no windows. Of cause a bird or bat could fly above palisades or a spider could climb above palisades. This would be interesting to beast masters ti use different types of animals e.g. for a siege.
4. Filled world like in Haven! There are only very few empty spots.
love it!

more weapons and clases like thief class
1 - Smaller map with more go to areas, instead of a bunch of mountains
2 - Spreaded resources
3 - Pets being a PVE only mechanic
4 - No TC guards
5 - Make mounts only healable on stables and it's a overtime mechanic.
6 - Revamp TC, mayble scheduled siege time window, idk.
7 - Rework spear
8 - World events ( real ones


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1 - Smaller map with more go to areas, instead of a bunch of mountains
6 - Revamp TC, mayble scheduled siege time window, idk.
Pretty pls.
Would make them able to remove the insane grind that it currently is and focus on making it an actually fun experience.
Would love to see some kind of war dec system, let one part choose a time they want to attack a bit in advance. Split it into some phases maybe. I dunno, anything but the catastrophe we had with the first version.


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I would like if MO2 could be fun as soon you get into the game. That you spawn in a random place on the map and you can build right on the spot if there is resource around. Specially if you guys make the map 4x bigger.( I think a smaller map with less mountain cancer every where should be better than a Huge map because of the size of the community)

Building and Siege should be more easy, less time sink, less preparation. Even if you loose your territory its not a big of a deal if you can rebuild easily

a gathering system that is less Semi-AFK mechanic. That you actually shop the tree down... or collect rock that you visually see them depleted.

PvP wise I think you guys learn over the years that Foot Character need to be the Standard build...

I like the One Single character per user idee. But we need Crafting separeted from the primary point so people can have 1 or 2 job per character.

You guys also need to add a way to burn MurderCount without just being AFK. People dont sub a game just to be AFK... its not how it work Starvault.

If you guys make MAIN City Aka:Tindrem. I think we need a respawn button to the main city when we die, Specially for noob. It would also remove time sink, nobody want ghost walk 45min-1h its boring mechanic.(I think there should not be any Safe City like tindrem, it should be all player made, same for all the books excepted some that u can pick up in chest or mob kill)

( I could add more thing but i think its enough for now and people have already throw some good suggestion.)
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Oh, are we doing this again, already? I guess it's necessary, as it's not always clear that Star Vault has more memory than a goldfish.

So, I want to add most things others brought up, and everything I brought up in
back in February, 2019-- and some of those things were linked to suggestions made many years ago:

Mortal online - Just a light penalty for murders! Votes: 15 27.8%​
Ultima online - Very hard life for pks and strong penalty every murder count! Votes: 39 72.2%​
(Votes for Ultima Online-style: Landor, realnaste, ThaBadMan, Groenholdt, Gopsje, bbihah, Blackdemon, Najwalaylah, Evigglad, BigL16, eldrath, Incarnadine, Odino1979, Senruset, androma3, Sebas555, hjanuzzi, Allastar, Sebastion, Diphling, Ovi, Dsn, kenvic1, skulls06, Dovakiing, Strilan, Wartlokkur, Hermz, CorpseJanitor, ird, oykd, DarockyITA, NINEN, Tehsavo, Tonkuh, Ruenkiller, dagnax, Naruchico, LordSix)

¶ It would be really nice to have the underpinnings of things improved to the point where, for instance, items could have a maker's name attached, or some record of what materials went into them (for those who've always wanted the possibility of salvaging materials); or, something already prepared with the cooking skill could be added to another recipe as an advanced ingredient.​
¶ A thorough, final-ish but ongoing proofreading of all the SV-supplied text could use some personal attention-- it's been improved over the years, but slowly, and in a way that must have been a bother-- like, an editorial assistant or consultant whose time wouldn't be taken from development in order to look through it all. Spell-check and grammar-check don't catch everything, y'know.​
¶ There were plans for more types of clothing... maybe non-armour clothing. A lot of people would like to see that, and MO2 would be a great place for it. As it was perhaps promised:

"I agree these new rags does look much better than the wooden rags we have today :)
These are the first out of many future planned cloth types."​
-- CEO Henrik Nyström, when the new beginner clothes came out.​

Use these designs, please:​
¶ Perhaps MO2 will have room for a feature much-requested over the years: Crouch.​

"In MO, there are many objects overlapping the landscape that are transparent from within and opaque from without, and crouching would allow access to more of them, which I tend to think could never be or have been an intention. For a start."​
That's assuming that MO2 with its improved engine wont have the non-colliding rocks, tree trunks, hay piles and other objects referred to in the quotation above, of course.​
¶ Mortal Online 2 should "set a guildname as (a) unique key in the database", as @Silberauge put it, or else more hilarity like the collision between [TYR] & knockoff [TyR]* will ensue, as outlined in this thread:​
* Short for TyRranus.​
"Take out teleport to priests for Reds. Add creatures to the etherworld that consume stats. Make their aggro range based on murdercount."​
It's got good ideas in it: the bolded part (after, perhaps, a slight reworking of the flagging system to make it a bit easier to keep from going red? Or, not) is one that's been alluded to by Henrik before (IIRC), and MO2 would present a great opportunity for its implementation.​
¶ Let the ten or fifteen people who are using the VOIP function (everyone who does *not* turn it off and leave it off, right away) you built into the game use their Discord, instead, when MO2 rolls around. It was a pretty cool idea, but how has it worked out?​
All the reasons not to have voice chat inside Mortal Online still apply:​
Face it, Star Vault: You *cannot* police it. You have (increasingly, as what some call censorship cracks down harder) responsibility, but no control. Don't sabotage yourselves.​
¶ While you're at it, consider adding a real logging system to MO2. We've heard too often that the GMs logs fail to show things so often that they might as well not exist. I don't see immediately why players shouldn't have a log, as well.​
Counter to some folks intuitions and personal preferences, including my own: Don't try to make it less about PvP than it is and has been for a long time. This probably will go the other way, but I'll speak up for Tuhtram's opinion by re-quoting him:

"The thing I see going wrong with that one, now that I think more about it, is that if they market the game a certain way, attract people to the game a certain way, and then change it and stop focusing on what they've been focusing on right-along once they have "enough" they're going to completely alienate that playerbase once people get confused as to why they aren't being focused on anymore. Then old way of things will be the reputation the game has so new players will be seeing it for what it was instead of what it is -- especially if it gets the game more popular.​
Suddenly you'll have the members saying "Why don't you care about what your playerbase wants?" and that will be what the majority of the playerbase wants, because those are the people they purposely drew to the game just to make money off of them. And then we'll have the new members who SV is suddenly trying to attract all confused and saying "The playerbase only want that, why should we join if we're going to be meeting so much opposition?"​
It could end up hurting things more than it harms them if it's actually very effective. We'd get even less "sand" and bigger "PvP dominating PvE" issues.​
On top of all that it seems kinda low to ask people interested in PvP to give you money for a game and market it as a game that they'll like and then flip it around to something else and stop focusing on PvP when that's what drew all that money to the game to begin with."
*Improved network architecture for snappier combat
*Significantly improved AI with pathing and collisions that work properly
*PvE rework, different type of mobs have different mechanics
*Boss rework, Bosses work much more like single player games with specific mechanics and ways to outplay it
*Reworked resource refining and usage systems. (No need to sit still for 30+ minutes while you extract/butcher)
*Less systems that purely waste time
*Rebalanced Territory Control. How many guards/ What kind of materials can be used
*Added stationary points of interest which smaller guilds can fight over.(Small farm that generates lower tier resource etc.) Only low tier guilds can conquer these.
*Reworked crime and punishment. Outside of towns killing a player does not give negative reputation(murdercount).
*Reworked necromancery and pet-play. Beast masters can own several low power pets while also being able to fight with weapons. Necromancers now stay stationary while player takes control of a single, mini-boss like powerful pet
*Resource location rebalance. There's at least 3 tephra craters, at least 2 blast furnaces/greater natorus
*Reworked economy. NPCs now don't give fixed price for items. Every item has use in crafting or otherwise


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Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before but I would love to have race balance!

Every race should be viable for any kind of playstyle however there should be racial abilities that are special for each race. For example:

Sheevra can climb with heavier armor much faster than other races.
The "dwarven" races can see much better during the night and maybe have a decrease in extracting/crafting timer.
Tindremic folks have a decreased timer when it comes to reading books.

And so on. Nothing really op when it comes to crafting or pvp but are useful in their own way.


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Fix Flagging; Force war on anybody but guards wont allow fighting in town. Shit makes no sense. This way you can fight your enemy without getting murdercounts but it could not be abused for town griefing of new players. Most of myrland is lawless player governed area so in most of myrland flagging makes no sense and should be disabled/working regarding to the controlling guilds settings.
TC: The game was not ready for freely place able TC and with the pace SV puts out patches we wont live to see it even remotely balanced.
A district/state based system would make a lot more sense. A feudal system for district management would be great.
City interactions:
Rent/Buy houses and businesses in town
City government, controlling guild can issue upgrades
Big Citys cant be directly controlled but governed by the citizen/factions/guilds
For example:
Tindrem Senate, Senate seats filled with NPCs that can be replaced with players that are Tindrem citizens (have property in town or busineses)
There should be a influence modifier for each town based on your wealth(property) income(busineses) and connections(NPC/Faction relation) that you have established in town
Town and guild management like in a strategy game, can recommend looking into Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings for inspiration.
Possibility of player emporer for period of time if elected by senate (imagine the scheming)
Khurite low budget version of senate for MK "Khurite tribal council" name subject to change
remove Sarducca instead implement herebalter (GK center of known world ftw)
Implementaton of AI for NPCs
~5k of Dragon materials as group dungeon reward, actual dungeon mechanics not just this mob has 100x your HP and two shots you
Remove alot of useless shit weapons (quality over quantity)
Streamline gaming experience, less dumb shit like alchemy
NPC factions with depth to them
Event chains (risar invasion etc)
For castles please just look into life is feudal building system and real life
Physics based combat, shit like spear or shield formations could be a thing. It bothers me alot that left and right swing have different animation why not have left and right swing be normal horizontal swings that are almost same and then have a button for alternative left and right swing that is a more vertical version. horizontal one for maximum range vertical one for close range and for not hitting friendly. Since vertical one has lower range and hits with more momentum cause starts from above it should deal slightly more damage. no gay shit like dripple strike, overhead swing and other ability like attacks. The simplistic combat system is MOs strength no need for shit one button attacks that dont need to be charged
Yeah and overspecialisation just makes this game more like a job than a game
I think if a fantasy world strifes to be somewhat immersive lore is requiered
any way thats all i have for now maybe will make a proper list one day of things that will never happen