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A Gentlemen Guide About the Mounted fighters in Nave , the known Schools , building the right characters , choosing the best weapon and the right gear , Selecting the best Mount plus Some basics about breeding .

By Warlord Ranveig And @Great genral Mingxia

: introduction :

The world of Nave is a dangerous Harsh part of the Realm , side the Species of creature after your Neck and Bandits who are after your pockets there is another type of fighters Who are probably the Deadliest that walk the Land ,The " Mounted fighters " .

Mounted fighters are classified in to a 4 branches :

First " the Mounted Archer " easy to play hard to master ,that kind of mounteds are the most dangerous of all of them Basically because they Do have advantage of range attack that allow them to kill the opponents faster , the Short name is the " MA " this class can farm and pvp in same time ,because the player is on a speedy horse So he is not gonna worry about stamina and he have access to use max str bows if he chooses the right race .
They Can take down Fat-mages or running targets because of their ranged attacks , though most of them aren't pretty good to aim for moving targets and small ones since its hard to aim for something that is moving while u are moving yourself in same time or to a tiny one it takes practice and years of training to be a decent Mounted Archer , an MA Can make use of Marksmanship skill it give him more chance for weak-spots with the power of the bow and weak-spots the player can sometimes get ultimate damage and take down other opponents with 3 - 5 arrow shots .


Sec " the Mounted Combat " :

The Mounted combat Referred as " MC " is one of the Most Difficult , Most Expensive, Fighting style in MO To Master Mounted Combat u need a Lot of Training and patience , Due to Many oppesticals such as Timing your Hits and Holding the weapon swing , Releasing the Weapon in right time to Cause maximum damage , Mounted combat became one of the Most complicated Fighting style in Nave , the technique of playing is different from player to player some MC play Solo While others Play in Groups and Participate in pvp and wardec , though MC doesn't have a real use in Pve its Rarely to find a MC farming something the Core of MC is to Target and Eliminate other Humanoid and Regulation Forces , unlike Ma a Mounted Combat Cant Circle His Enemy and try swinging his Weapon on him a MC will always Miss his hits its Recommend he charge To his foe straight ahead and Try to time His Swing and release his hit " With a Mounted Charge Skill he Get a High Damage Bonous bec of the Speed and Velocity of his Hit impact on the opponent , it also may cause a certain instant death to the Target .

Since they Deal and take heavy hits A MC usually Wears a Heavy armor That means he Required to have Armor training and advance armor training , this Wont effect Much on his stamina Par since he isn't a Foot fighter he is Mounted though Stamina Par should be taken in count when u Swing Weapons as the Weapon Drains Ur stamina When u Hold ur Swing , Take in your Mind that the Weight of the Weapon should be but on count to help u Do more Swings without getting your own stamina Drop down after 3 - 8 swings .
A Mounted Combat will not make any use of shield though he still Can parry and Counter with his 2H - 1H weapon on the back of his horse though this Seems Rarely to happen the technique here in MC is to over run your enemy and try attacking him From side or From behind , a strong blunt attack Can Cause the Mount to throw the player off " its Called a dismount " this will result a Certain death in battle field specially in large Groups a MC on ground is a Dead Man .

Choosing the Materials that Will make your Weapon and armor is important thought it isn't remanded u buy Expensive materials or armorer , This if u are Vet with large experience i wish u best of Luck .
Last MC is Considered the Top Dominater in steppes Zone thought a Mounted characters will face a real Hard time climbing Hills and Mountains So they tend to avoid those parts .

Third : Mounted Mage , also Refereed as " MM "

The mounted mage , also know-ed as "Fat Mage" is one of the handy Styles from all 3 mounters , with an 136 intelligent and a low dex , str , those mounters are a killing machines ,They are used in fights because of there agility To greater heal Which gonna pop up around 70 hp While lesser one around 35 less or more depends on skill ,those kind of Mounted mages are the most dangerous while fighting a Mounted Combat since a Mounted Combat have an really low phsy he is Vulnerable to spells which will hurt him pretty bad , Mounted mages Dont need weapons since They can use the aggressive Spell EQ (earth quake) which dismount the MC and give him a decent damage " the Mount may even die " after dismounting the opponent the Mage can use double death hand Spells which will hit like a truck around 65-70 + Damage per Spell , Most mages tend to use the DH (Death Hand) bec it absorb the HP from there opponent and then add it to the Caster which is pretty Cool .

Beeing a mounted mage is not an expensive at all mage Side buying scrolls and seal keys and scriping in a battle all they need just an tindremic lictor armor or a Khurite Lictor gear " they say Wings in khurite Lictor Do more fast regenation for mana " and a decent horse not even a Maxed states or max level one , unlike Mounted combat a Mounted mage Dont Need a heavy armor at all or any advance armor training , because there Full lictor armor will be around 7 kg which is way Lighter than a MC sets makes him to rise from the floor than his opponent .

Small note :
Fat Mages got a bit of nerf Last patches in case ur going Fatty which you need to do for max int , if you Got Dismounted shall hold 5 sec until you can get up after the dismount .

Last and not Least : the Hybrid Mounted :

There is another Mount Fighting Style which you Might Find useful To play its called " Hybrid Mounted " its Fighting Style that combine 2 of 3 Mounted Schools it can be Classified as :
A Mounted archer - Mounted Combat " MA/MC " , A Mounted Archer - Mounted Mage "MA/MM" , A Mounted Combat - Mounted Mage"MC/MM" .

First we will start with MA/MC this style is one of the top builds Mounteds gives the player a multiple choices to Deal damage with his opponents He Can Fight From range or Close Charge to his enemy For example if the hybrid is fighting another MA he can simply curt his circling and dismount him Charging with Sledge or Axe " , while if the player is fighting a MM he simply Can Range him down using bow and arrow , the problem with this Fighting style is the player will not be Capable to have full Heavy armor training with full MA skill , i personally saw some guys who prefers to have a Full heavy armor training though in my opinion its not a Smart move , but to be honest the elements that Govern a fight are Many and alot of things can change the Results and after all its the players Decision and what he See as best for him , the MA/MC style is Considered one of the hardest Styles to Master Since a player will need to Decide where and when to change from using bow to use his Weapon though if he made the wrong Decision he be killed in no time , its important with this build to have an open eye all the time on the target when he is fighting , once he Take him down " dismount him " and the enemy is run on his feet u just get him with melee hits .
The Common Gear used For an MA / MC : Personally i don't use metals stuff since the build i play with don't have a full Heavy armor training so i Advice those who are like me to use :

Helmets: Lictor or something made of pansar or Cosmoid " preferable use Thursar Plated if you cant get that then excubilator will be fine " .
Chest plate : Pansar, steel " preferable to be enchanted with blunt " or something better if u think you can carry that If you made something from pansar go for the draconigena , if you made from steel or metals go for the thursar plated or excubilator .

Leggings :Thats the most important part you need to cover that with Draco Since u need to be protected against other Ma's , use primary materials like Pansar " Since they have High of blunt defence " Metals like steel " you need enchantment for more blunt defended "

Boots : lictor boots or go With Draco you need the protection against MA's Same as chest .
rest of armor parts Can be principor horned scale or plate scales they are decent enough

weapons Selection and stats For MA/MC build
Right now the most overpowered weapon is the Tindermic Messing sladge hammer on the mounted Chars So u probably should use as a Melee weapon : Tindremic Messing sladgehammer with spongewood/spongewood handle and Core " enchant it with flawless or perfect weapon hilt if you dont have a 121 str build " or y can just use the TM Axe its still viable.

Ranged weapon : A short bow dense crepite/spongewood " To kill horses " or for killing player asymetrical bow made from dense crepite/spongewood

TIP:Hold at you all the time about 300 blunt arrows if y want to kill an armored guy

Selecting the hybrid MA - MC Race : For an MA/MC i Recomind to use the Thursar Kallard/Kallard build for 119 str 216 cm size and 30 years old (because that monster have 27% dmg bonus).

Sec hybrid Style is the" Mounted archery - Mounted mage " MA - MM "

The Mounted archer / Mounted mage is one of the Most Effective builds found in Mortal Online Since they do combine mastery of the art of Magic and Bow , that allow them to target there enemy with a Decent weakspots and are excellent support For a Mounted Crew though there build have some weakness , Since the player gonna be stout in order to increase the strenght this he lose -5 dex so he be a 5 dex only , sadly player will be very Dependable on his horse since its the only thing that can keep him alive , player required to be careful and watch out as other mounters will always attempt to target his mount first or dismount him , this Build is very vulnerable to a MC though not all the time if the player had 100 ecumemical spells for the earthquake he can still attempt to Fight back , personally i played with this build and im pretty satisfied about How it works though this is a build that is not so eazy to Master or understand, yet not so hard its also very effective for farming " pve " . A monster in the battlefield because player can peel off for his fighter its a bit tanky build with some survabillity and do alot of dmg if played corectly though the hardest thing is to Time when to switch from damage to support but you grow better at this with Constant practice .

The build used For a MA - MM is an Oghmir - Huergar / Huergar , 121 str , 5 dex , 110 int , 16 psy 154 cm size at age 30 .
Recominded Gear For an MA/MM ;
ur gonna need gear with weight 6.6 max so u need to chose wisely
Helmet:Lictor (pretty important) if you cant get that a plate scale IMPERATOR will go well
Torso: Lictor if y cant get that the plate scale IMPERATOR Do a bit trick
leggins: lictor if u cant get that , plate scale imperator or sarduccan guard
boots: still lictor or cultist iron silk
rest of armor : bedai hunter blood silk .
the Recominded Bows For an MA/MM
Ranged weapon : A short bow dense crepite/spongewood(for killing horses) or for killing player asymetrical one made from dense crepite/spongewood.

* it is Recommend to player hold a good amount of calamine , water and pyriteat his inventory so he can use the the Earth quake and also do not forget to carry some blunt arrows .

Last the hybrid MC / MM Mounter :

Not much of a different From Common MC though this one Can master both the Blade and the power of magic its the Perfect Build to Stand against a MA -MM chars ,like MA - MM this one offer support at group Fights the best recommend build to Stand against other mounters thought the build itself is hard to master and the play style is much complicated than any other Mounted char , its Considered one of the few builds that even a Long standing member will have a trouble time to understand " it like a dagger Foot fighter , not all Foot players play dagger style or Fist weapons since they need special type of player " .

the hybrid MC - MM is Considered the Most expensive Mounted build in MO at all Since he doesn't only Focus on Weapons and armorers only it does focus on mental skills as well , they use most aggressive spells Vs there opponents specially the Famous Death hand " most preferable spell for mounters , take in note that the MC - MM build will suffer same problem like her Cousin " MA - MM " since he have to go stout and lose more dex that will make him very attached to his horse , its also recommend for that build to save his mana and not try using Earth quick spell since he can already use his weapon to Dismount " unless of-course player weapon doesn't have blunt damage " , its recommend For that build to avoid direct attacks " specially magic ones " he is very Venerable to a MM since his physe offer low Def though his training could help him but not as effective as a Fat mage charter so best for him is 2 dismount and kill the mage as Faster as they can , also a charter like this wont have a Full heavy armor training " simply not enough points so he have to go for the Light armors or medium one best of all a Lictor sets " .

the Perfect build and gear for a hybrid MC/MM ;

its Recommend use the oghmir build with 121 str 168 cm (the 110 int its angelic)
All his gear Torso , logging , Hands , helm will be a lictor sets ist also Recommend he get some khurite wings will look cool on him ,as for sholders he want bedai hunter mostly .
the reason he need that much lictor is for more mana regeneration , specially the wings .

Side Note " the farming section " ;

if a player wants to use a Mounted charter its recommend he use an MA Farmer
the build will be a Oghmir/huergar-huergar 30 years 172 cm

nothing really expensive or interested about it its a good start for beginners in Mounted gaming style Recommend armors to use is a 3 piece direptor horned scale or plate scale and rest of them should be iron silk cultist armor "if y farming sarducca" while if u are farming myrland go for 4 piece direptor ironbone/silk (torso helmet leggings and the boots) and rest of them iron silk - or silk cultist or bedai .

Finally at the end of this section i like to Make a note For new players or those who interested in Mounted combat in General , that type of Fighting is much complected and a lot of elements Direct its results knowledge will not be easy to gain so is advance , the Guide itself though its Long and in detailed covered only 45% of the topic the Rest is up to you to gain From the World , practicing , study and learning from your mistakes will result a full access to the knowledge u seek not just Empty Words and Faul tongs , every one can advice but not every one can make use from the Advice even if it was his own , personally i prefair to share knowledge and guide with a Limit leaving some hidden Details for others to find out unlike my college here Mingxia who prefair to reveal all out , at the end the Anther wish all you well and the best of Luck and now i leave u with the Mount section who my old Friend Mingxia will handle in her own way .

Your faithful
@Warlord Ranveig


The Mounts of Nave " Small guide and introduction to Mount , selecting the Suitable pet and breeding " ;

First we start with the simple Question " what are Mounts and How many of mount types we have ? " .

- Mounts are animals and pets that can be Mounted and used in means of Transportation , Carry-in And Roaming and ofcourse Fighting , in Nave we have a Large selection of Mounts from Many different Family trees , and each Kind of them have a States and Characters that Define him than Rest of the kinds , while some Mountable pets are meant only For Carrting , others are used For transporting and other are meant only for warfare uses and Fewer are a Mex of both .

in Nave We had 5 Kinds of Mountable Creatures from 5 Different Lore skills though they under 3 section of Mamilia and Reptila and Aves , now they are 4 mountable with two Sections and they are ;

First Mamilia Mountable creatures ;
Horses " Mammalia - perissodactyla - Equidae "
Molva "Mammalia - Pegasoferae - Perissodactyla - Ceratomorpha"
Gamal " Mammalia - Celartiodactyla - Tylopoda "
Sec Reptila : Lykator " Reptila - Archosauromorpha - Ornitischia "

the Last is not in game any more but it used to be a giant Hawk , a Vultures which was ment to be some sort of gaiant Griffin it was skilled as : " Aves - Neognathae " was supposed to be a Mountable bird for Flying which domminate Air ofcourse it was later deleted for beeing to fantasy.
a proof From Mo Trailer Year 2015

all those Mountable creatures shared stats " strength , stamina , con situation , dexablity , physe and int , size and w " which control and define them from one another Making one Creature advance in something and the other advance in another which take us to the Next Question ;

Side picture for Armored Molva and a Horse With khurite armor , the player Wears khurite shield and wield a khurite Sapre Sword .

Q- What is the meaning of Mount stats ?!..


well the answer is simple and been discussed in many topic before so i simply repeat what has been told before First

Strength : it`s Main goal is to help the Mount with the weight it carried be is the players Weight or the Cargo he placed in the pet bag its calculated + the player W if he mounted " for example if u placed a 1 stack of wood in a mount bag on your hosre who have a 240 str and ur w is 80 W the hose will move easly Carrying u and wont face any benalty While if u placed 1 stack and half and you mounted while horse total Carry w is 200 W then the mount wont move an inch while u are mounted ", also the More Strength you have will Reduces how fast your mount break " stop " ,and will increase piercing and slashing defense and the higher str has a slight to mid range negative impact on speed/stamina.
Dexterity : Will Increase the max jump height , Max Speed, turning rotation rate, and how fast the mount speeds up and down and Mount stability " acceleration "

Constitution : the more u have means less stamina drain " your breath capicty " .

Psych : Magic damage reduction, Increases boost time of Boost and decreases stamina drain when boosting .

Intelligence : less chance the mount will throw you off " though u can have a Mount with 1 int and it wont throw u off if u have a max Riding skill .

Speed : basic speed its effected by size , w and Dex .

Size: Adds chance to knock someone down + a blunt damage protection .

Weight : less weight will more sustained speed in 2nd gear , while More weight Will Higher Max Speed in 3rd gear .

" Second " the special characterize of each Mountable Creature ;

Molvas are the tanks of MO they are Characterized with the largest size , W , str and int , they are more for a Carry than speed a Perfect companin for Builders , Crafters , and gatherars and makes a great beast for Deff and offense " if the player is a hybrid mage who have beast Master " they Can slash there opponent with over 180 to 160 heavy attacks at max lv , if the player wanted to tame one he should watch out they are extremely aggressive , there are many types of Molvas such as " snow molva , bull molva , black molva , sand molva and Brown molva "though each one of them is diferant than other for examble sand molva and snow one does Cost more pet point to controll than brown one , while brown one is a pit low str than snow molva and bull molva , a bull molva is the smallest in size between all his Kin while snow is the Largest sized known molav u ever See .

Lykators are sort of speed than Carry mount they all in common have low str " the max str u can get on lykator is 600 may be less " and all in common are high Dex with a remarkable low int and extreem diversity of size , w , Shape and colour , They make a great War beast and a Great Companinons for Courier and Fighters , though they arent used alot comparing to Horses i myself find them Fascinating creatures , there are many types of Lykators like Jungle , Desert , Hunter , artick and stalker lykators and like Molvas each type of them is characterized Differently than the other For Examble Artick lyk have the highest health and str and cons with Protection comparing to other lykators , while desert are the largest size and decent W with no tails and the Highest Physe , Stalker are the highest Speed and intel in all lykators with a very small size while Jungles are the Lowest pet point to control and high Dex , Lykators are a very good Creatures For both momentum and attack at maxed lv they can be used as a war Beasts and also to Run away from your enemy's , a Recommend For MA and MC thus there very nature doesnt allow the player to carry much thinsg with him due to low str its recommend for those who love to kill For sport alone " PvP creatures " .

Horses and there relatives are the Mid between speed and carry and the Most common choice for Mounters and normal players as they Combine between Str and speed + there Ability to knock Down other opponents and the diversity of there Stats they can be speedy and carry and gives more rotatong Space for Mounted archers which increase there hit range , one of the best solid choices in mounting combact , they save your time and easy mobile than other creatures with a relative low Pet point to control but unlike the Formal two mounts the horses arent ment to be used as a Fighter pet though they are very handy with Mounted fighters there are Many types of horses who are also Diferant from one another Like Bull horses , steppe horses , Mongrel Horses , desert horses , jungle Horses and Jotun horses and there relatives are donkeys and Mauls , its a pet differrant to classify hourses than any other Mounts but i try to be simplefy as much as i can .


Picture Credit by @Najwalaylah and @Sandweaver

Most recognized Stats for mounts :

First is Size horses Who are Characterized with High Str , size , W and HP like Bull Horse .
Sec is Dex horses who are characterized with High Dex and Str like Jotun and Mongrel .
Third is Stam horses who are characterized with High Const and physe like steppe Horses .
Forth are speedy horses who are characterized with High Speed , dex and relative high Stam like Jungle horses and Desrt horses .
Last is Carry horses who are High str , Stamina and relative high physe like donkey and mauls , also jotuns .

Q- is there a Mount where we Can get all of this stats combined ? .
-No in Wild u wont Find such things , but you can achieve that by a process Called breeding .

Q - what is breeding and what is the use of it ? .

Breeding in Mo is Simply to combine Two Pets of the Same Kind - family tree With two Different Stats To get a more Powerful baby with Hight Stats than his Parents , to but it in Scientific Forum breeding is the process to Advance your mount Stats .

Breeding itself has no skills . But if you want a pet character you need at the least:

- Creature Control , every 2 levels is 1 pet point .
- Advanced Creature Control, every 4 levels is 1 pet points .
- Lores for the animal , helps with taming /dominating and every 4 levels is 1% off pet point cost .
- Beast master, works in combination with pet level to unlock attacks
- Beast influence, something about engagement range/aggro .
- Taming or Dominating , taming allows you to trade/receipt the pets . With dominating , only you can dominate the animal if it loses loyalty .
- Animal care, decreases time needed for pets to level up while out .
- Herding, decreases pet point loss while controlling multiple pets .
- Inspect ; important Sec skill book allows you to see points / stats of pets without having to own them , dependent on lores .

How breeding works in Mortal online :

you need a male and female the Smallest lv to start with will be lv 25 , the Baby will get a Copy of each stats from either parent , for Example if the male speed is 51 at lv25 the offspring's speed at lv25 will be 51 if the male's trait is passed on while if a female had a Dex of 55 the Baby will get a dex of 55 from his mother and so on , that is how breeding works , mix and match the stats until you get a baby you want also appearance " skin color , size , eyes and hair color , Etc " works in the same way the more mixed between parents though. The fun stuff is the inbreeding chances that seem more dependent on appearance of mounts, stats and the amount of time the breeding session is going , the only thing that is a disadvantage in Favor of breeding process is that operation takes a long time and long practice and dependable of both luck and good choice of pets , thus cost a decent amount of Gold till u achieve the perfection then keep up with it .

Q - How do you breed a perfect Mount , is there a Set of rules ? .

- answer to this question is a bit Long but i try to be short as i Can , First u should organize and select your targeted mount specie and Focus on Collecting and filling the Hard core stats before the Easy ones , hard ones will be like size , w , str , dex , physe then focus on speed , Constitution , and int though many prefair to suficient int on account to keep more Size and W , then u should start Collecting two pairs of each type and the chossen mount should be remaracable higher state between its kin "using Inspect skill u some times Can find a Mount with a word exception or sturdy on its stats this should be the ones u after , when u finish collecting all the mounts u need to start the selection , so First u take those execeptional pets of yours and make an additional copy of each of them " just in case " they should give u an Exceptional young pets of exeptinal pets , by study and search and knowing each type of Mount characterize u know the Right order to breed your perfect mount , Finally when u reach ur perfect stats what ever the pet u are using u have the choice to Return back to the roots and breed them back to there orginal grand father or the target pet , for example say u wanna breed a High stats Desert horses , after a large process of breeding u reached the ultimate speed and stamina with a decent Dex and physe but u are For more Str and lower size , your choice will be between a Jotun horse or a Donkey , so u start with breeding a DH with a donkey that will give Mule " Based on personal experience i got a perfect str , dex , stamina and speed Mule in sarducca " after many inbreeding and some disappointment u get a maxed state Mules with a real High str which u use to return back to the root " breeding the perfect maul with one of your speedy desert horses " and result will be after many process of straight process " if u are lucky " an almost full State DH with +800 Str and 60 speed , 400 , 450 cons and 60 Dex 12 - 15 int and a real low size "a perfect For MC if Size and W were real low that help him minimize hitbox " , after having some of those Horses u Can start going For size and W by breeding with Bull horses though u lose some int and physc but will gain more HP and size and W " some players like to have a high size Mount bec they after more speed and more W for knocking and staggering down other opponenst + there applity to Regain stamina at runing speed after a long sprint " though jungles Can also help but wont give any More HP for mounts , after the Last process u will re- breed the baby's with the orginal DH spieche and thus Get an ultimate DH mount " Works well at sarducca " the sad news is the process Could take u years and alot of Gold to achieve your goals , its commandeered u simply buy some mount that already other players breeded and breed them yourself " save alot of time thus u may pay alot of hand of gold but will totaly worth it " , the truth is breeding has always been one of the most Expensive projects for a clear Reason .

* note that u may Run to a failed process thanks to SV new nerf system for breeding if a mount was Found a two perfect the system would destroy the process and fail it result a lose of child and may be one or both pets what we have Right now is lesser than perfect by a degree or two but still Functional .

* many details can lead to inbreeding like if u use two sipiling Mounts its always Wise thing to make a various Version of Mounts and always renew your blood line , also mounts with pretty much same stats have a large Chance of inbreeding Specially with Sv nerf patch , and of course using a mount with a mount from other tree will Definitly lead to inbreeding .

At the end of this Chapter i tried as much as i could to be Short and obvious those Many have already talked me not to take all knowledge and give it in one forum and spoiling the other players chance to Discover or understand , sadly this thread is Zero spoils and only example is given is For Discrimination nothing more , though i Feel more responsible towards those Who need more data of face Hard time For it So don't Hesitate asking any question and i do my very best to help and consul , Contacts are replaced directly under my Account and i m always around for u .

Your Faithful
@Great genral Mingxia

Drafts ;

Build used:
(more int)
Oghmir huergar 62 years
for more mana
Shevra Shevra 62 years
Dont get me wrong the mounted mages are not literally needed to be fat one but in generally all mages are y gonna see mounted are gonna be fat because of that high int.
MA Farmer
the build Oghmir huergar huergar 30 years 172 cm
nothing really expensive
3 piece direptor horned scale or plate scale
and rest of em iron silk cultist
if y farming sarducca
if y farming myrland go for 4 piece direptor ironbone/silk(torso helmet leggings and the boots) and rest of em iron silk cultist
MC pure
This it will be one of the expensive thing tbh ur gonna use the 119 str build thursar kallard kallard 30 years
Helmet:Lictor(thats really important y cant change that)
torso:from steel enchanted to tungsteel i dont recomand oghmium(thursar plated the type of armor)
leggings:from steel enchanted to tung or cron (draconigena)
boots;ur gonna use draconigena armor cosmoid scale
rest of em:pansar principor
MA pure
Same as MC(not worth to use that much for an MA)
Ur gonna use the oghmir build with 121 str 168 cm(the 110 int its angelic)
helmet:lictor(y cant change)
rest of em exception sholders: lictor
sholders y want bedai hunter
Y need that much lictor for the mana regeneration
The weapons
For an MA/MC
In my opinion the most overpowerd thing in the game now its the TM sladge hammer on the mount
Melee weapon:Tindremic Messing sladgehammer spongewood/spongewood(enchant it with flawless or perfect weapon hilt if y dont have the 121 str build)
Ranged weapon:A short bow dense crepite/spongewood(for killing horses) or for killing player asy maked from dense crepite/spongewood
TIP:Hold at you all the time about 300 blunt arrows if y want to kill an armored guy
Ranged weapon:A short bow dense crepite/spongewood(for killing horses) or for killing player asy maked from dense crepite/spongewood.
Very important hold at ya calamine water and pyrite if y can use the the Earth quake and also do not forget about blunt arrows.
Builds are variables
For pvp its almost all the time used 121 str builds Oghmir Huergar 30 years but i saw some people who use thursars and work pretty good so in my opinion use what y think its the best for ur playstyle.


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Man you really need to play the game longer before you make these guides

Like the armor crafting guide theres just stuff that's blatantly wrong
Thread starter #4
Man you really need to play the game longer before you make these guides

Like the armor crafting guide theres just stuff that's blatantly wrong
well in this guide i told how i like to play if some1 think his way its better pls PM and tell me how and im gonna change because its an open thread
Man you really need to play the game longer before you make these guides

Like the armor crafting guide theres just stuff that's blatantly wrong
Well about the " armor crafting guide " I did my very best collecting and including every thing I knew , if u are willing to help and correct any thing the threads are wild open type down what u think needs to be correct and we work on Editting it , if not and u keep Crying without any feedback " mean no Disrespect " then u sir don't belong here , just saying ...:confused:
You're going to have very few people read all of that.
Well I can agree the thread needs some colour's , Highlight edit on size words and some spaces and of course a picture's and video's but that's up to the owner's thread though more demonstrations should encourage more people to have closer look on it @Warlord Ranveig your thread mate manage it as u pleased ;)
Add some big spaces, bold some headers of topics , and shorten it by cutting out all the redundant stuff and this could be a great guide .
Great guide with nice lore nuances. Still I will send some corrections I think will make the guide more easily readable since it looks (from some typos) that it has been written on a phone.


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Picture Credit by @Najwalaylah
Thank you, but the credit for that picture of the White Triplet Horses must go to the breeder, Sandweaver, who came up with that lovely bloodline and also took the screenshot, adding it to
in the Screenshot Hub. (Most of the thread, 13 pages or so extant, can be found at if any of it is missing from the current version of the forums).
Thank you, but the credit for that picture of the White Triplet Horses must go to the breeder, Sandweaver, who came up with that lovely bloodline and also took the screenshot, adding it to
in the Screenshot Hub. (Most of the thread, 13 pages or so extant, can be found at if any of it is missing from the current version of the forums).
Oh apology @Najwalaylah I got this one from Pinterest web it was uploaded under ur name and account so I thought it was urs , good to know , @Warlord Ranveig sorry for the misunderstanding mate
just got massive laugh when i see mc category lmafoooooo
most difficult part
u only need to know how 2 click mouse lmafooooooooo
Actually there is no best mounted combat now u only need good horse/sledge/good gear thats all
Then I be the best Mc in the server by those Standers jajajajajaja I own much Goldieez already, a lot of prepatch bull's , Cronite - oghama - Tindermic messing oi yeeah I m the Bestiiz:cool::cool: Party Hard ;)