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If noob island run. Tindrem havent any reason. Population will move. Why not create imperial palace for make tindrem have any sense?
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There's more to Tindrem than a garden full of newbies waiting to get plucked; if the City doesn't contain the starting area, then nevertheless it's got all the reason(s) to exist that Morin Khur does.

There's no reason why it shouldn't have an imperial palace, though, if someone can think of something for an imperial palace to *do*. Otherwise, with any possible or potential future expansion with ships, the port part of the Tindremic capital will probably get upgrades before any other part does.

InB4 someone suggests letting the rest of Tindrem subside, sink, and wash out to sea.
I hope today there will be a development update again. Sad that they stopped/skipped last week.
Who cares about noob Island? I wanna know what that famous streamer Tehmudjin is up to.

Can someone make a request thread about that?