Older player Reunion, out of curiosity.

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haven’t been on these forums in a loooong time. Just wondering who else has checked on here. Been years.
If I get a mo2 key I'll buy a PC and promise not to sell it for somniferum


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Yo wassup I remember roaming with you back in the day I just jumped on for the first time in years the game seems pretty dead sadly


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Im new here. How do I open map, please? And how I go third person view, please? and where are the quests, please?
Sup. I miss all the shitposts from the old forums but I still browse the archives on this one when I want a hearty chuckle.

This guys posts are especially cringeworthy @Great genral Mingxia
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Ancient shitposter checking in.
So I heard if you leave Haven you have to re-roll and perma die


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lol created a new char in Mo1 and ended up in haven had a hard time finding my way out .