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Here is a list of the current publications coming from OTGB Inc.

When looking for one of my books, please to to look for the author name of OTGB....

Publications thus far:
  • Dyeing and You
  • Glassblowing and You
  • Reserves and Hunger
  • WeaponCraftingSkills
  • MeleeMaterialUsage
  • PickablesOfMyrland
  • BotanicalExtraction
  • LightAndMediumArmour
  • HeavyArmours
  • PoisonsOfMyrland
  • ArtOfHealing
  • TitlesInMortal
  • MineralsAndAlloys
  • MetalExtraction
  • ScrollArchive
  • MyrlandButchery
  • CookingBasics
  • NourishmentCooking*
Education for the Masses.

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**Dying and You
A description of dyeing, how to approach and some examples of materials to use on your dye lots

**Glassblowing and you
A description of how to go about glassblowing, plus recipes to make the vials

**Reserves and Hunger
A description of how reserves work, and how to work with them instead of fighting them. How hunger and sleep works, as well as the list of the different weight classes with the stat modifiers.

**Weapon Crafting Skills
A list of all the skills involved in Melee Weapon Crafting in MO, as well as the potential materials to use in the weaponry. Showing which are primary and which are secondary.

This book gives the material usage in steel for all melee weaponry, plus a RTS Density of other materials so you can figure out what the costs will be for a head, before going to craft it.

A comprehensive list of all the pickables of Myrland, listed under the lores in which they fall.

This book describes the three main tools for botanical extraction, what materials to use in them, as well as the yields of max skill when doing so.

This book lists the different light and medium sets available in MO. The materials usable in each set, plus the material costs for max density crafting of each set, including support materials.

The books is a listing of the different heavy sets, and the materials available to use in crafting them. Lists the material needs to make eat type with the different mats, including the material costs for the support materials.

Listing of all the Poisonous materials found on Myrland. Separated lists of DP, PoT and PL materials.

This book references information from Diphlings The Title Archive (with his blessing) so that players in game can see what titles there are to search for and obtain in MO.

Lists of the base materials for Direct Healing and Heal Over time, as well as a comparative of the Healing length of the HoT bases there are. As well it has a list of additives to use to enhance your potion, or foods DH and/or HoT.

A breakdown of the different rock types of Myrland, and the minerals that can be found within. As well gives the recipes for refining the different alloys from the minerals and metals gained from said base rocks.

Methodologies for the aquisition of Metals through Extraction. Also speaks of catalyst use and choice in tool for each step.

The book is a listing of the different schools of magic, plus the various scrolls you can find around Myrland. Information referenced from Diphlings "The Awakening Scroll Archive" with his blessing.

Gives butchery yields for land animals of Myrland.

Talks about the different ingredient types, and looks at the different cooking tools available (noting skill requirements and ingredient requirements to operate the tools). Gives some basic pointers when it comes to cooking as well.

A look into Health and Stamina Nourishment foods. A few ways of approaching how to better your foods, plus some basic recipes to get a cook started on his journey.
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