Pantheon of Myrland

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Because my signature is filling up with gods of Myrland and their lore, I have to put the list here. I encourage the followers of these gods to erect shrines and temples and share pictures and video.

Umbra: [God of Anquer Quare, God of the Soverign Peoples], God of power, conquest, murder, and domination - Gaul Kor

Soldeus: [God of Wessex] God of light and virtue - Sunken Isles, Brood Isles, Bakti region, Meduli
Paladine: [God of the Quadra Khans], Dragon- god of war, vengeance, and chivalry - Talus Mountains
Somaku: [God of Arcturian] great spirit of the steppes - Steppes
Avernus: [God of the Guttersnipes], God of thieves and brigands - Fabernum
Seth: [God of Escuadron de las Sombras] God of the desert, afterlife, death, and calamity - Meduli, Centari, Landfall
Mirthrak: [God of Mors Omnibus], Hero of both Risar and Thursar, God of the scorned and enslaved, God of the freedom fighter, God of blood sacrifices and power - Talus Mountains
Master of the Crossroads: God of the travelers, tradesmen, and wanderers.


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are all those gods in the same pantheon or are they part of different religious systems?


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They are all a part of different religious systems, but the gods themselves are either "blood"related or have come into contact with each other.
A good example of this is Avernus. While living in the rainbow forest to the south of Fabernum, Avernus encounters a dryad who was given gifts by Soldeus to protect the woodlands from corruption.