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  • Improved chat packages and re-added support for 256 char messages.
  • Tweaked hitboxes for players on mounts.
  • Crops farmers now have a flat spawnrate.
  • Removed dice-roll from knocking someone off a mount,
    it now triggers if the rider takes above 25 blunt damage. Knockdown resistance will raise this number to 50.
  • Hitting a horse with blunt damage will now trigger a knockdown check with 70% of the damage after mount armor mitigation.
    e.g. Without knockdown resistance any player will get dismounted if the mount takes 36 blunt dmg or more, with maxed skill it will raise this number to 72.
  • Inspect skill now shows HP and Max HP.
  • Blueprint drop rate increased from 25% to 50%
  • Blueprints can now be sold to vendors for half their buy-price.
  • Reduced weight of scraps to 0.01 from 0.1
  • Lowered the amount of wood and stone needed to make a campfire.
  • Manganon damage increased to 10000.
  • Battering ram damage increased.
  • Veteran capes can now be traded freely. *

  • Nahuat now gives crop seeds when extracted.
  • Added support for a simple camera shake.
  • Rabbits now have a puny attack.
  • You can now sell scraps for 1s per scrap.

  • Made archery arrows hit-trace more exact.
  • Improved ranged vs mount players hit-trace.
  • Fixed issue with pressing back in the char-creation.
  • Fixed being able to cook crocodile carcass.
  • Fixed so you correctly get crocodile meat from extracting the crocodile carcass.
  • Fixed Molva carcass lore gain when cooking.
  • Fixed Lykiator carcass lore gain while cooking.
  • Fixed a issue where system settings could get corrupt if you turned texture filtering to the minimum amount, causing keybinds to reset etc.
  • Fixed issue where upgrading a building could cause it to spawn two NPCs.
  • Fixed a issue with tamed pets when you crossed a node that made it so that you couldn't use the "all" commands.
  • Fixed issue that made it possible to skill up engineering without buildings on siege weapons.
  • You no longer turn to your second pet if you try to abandon it while mounted.
  • Getting hit by AI now correctly resets the criminal timer.
  • Fixed issue with pets that got killed by non-guards not dropping loot.
  • Fixed issue where AI and players were visible in dark environments.
  • Scraps can now be used as material when building siege equipment.
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Quality Assurance Lead
Fixed typo:
  • Veteran capes can now be traded freely.
Donation capes can NOT be traded *
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