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  • Added the new system for Territory Control. Please see the TC Manual for an overview of the system.
  • The amount of PP a guild gets from a city is now based of how many of the total players are in the city rather then a static how many.
  • You will now get a message when entering and leaving a guilds territory.
  • Guildstones now have levels.
  • You can now upgrade your guildstone by placing a second guildstone on it.
  • Guildstones now cost 1/5 of what they use to cost.
  • Guildstones now stack up to 5.
  • Guildstone level now decides the max amount of members a guild can have.
  • Guildstone level now decides if a guild can earn prominence or not.
  • Guildstone level now decide if a guild can enter a war or not.
  • Guildstones at level 2 or above will now spawn a house tax manager in the house.
  • A new placement system for the new structures has been added.
  • Rebuilt the mail-system.Note that all mail currently sent/sending will be returned to their sender.
  • All payments from broker/COD will now stack up in a single slot in your mail.
  • Items in mail that are being sent to a character that then gets deleted will now return to the sender rather then go away.
  • Added support for limiting the number of apex simulations.
  • Finishing the tutorial will now give you another hour with the fledgling flag.
  • Added active accounts restrictions for free to play accounts.
  • MagicMeshFX now show up in the paper doll.
  • Made deathsickness a proper debuff
  • Charge emote has been removed.
  • Added support for buffs/debuffs.
  • A new battering ram siege weapon is available
  • Siege weapons now lose durability when used.
  • Siege weapons can now be moved by using a part of their front piece. The length you can drag the siege weapon is limited by your strength.
  • Added support for starting at a guild starting points after character creation.
  • Vendor items now sort in a better way by having currency at the top and the rest sorted by name.
  • Added a bunch of helpful messages in the broker and mail.
  • Changed the message you get when trying to whisper a player that isn't online.
  • Guild UI should now more properly reflect what you can do as your current rank.
  • Added change-city name to the guildstone UI.
  • Improved the Tax Manager UI a bit.
  • Improved inital loading of the broker by removing the auto-search on open.
  • Bank cap has been increased to 100
  • Made a unified function to convert cuprum into a string with cuprum silver and gold. ex (12g 55s 1c) and added it to a lot of places.
Chat commands
  • Added support for /option bIgnoreTradeInvite. If true will ignore all trade invites sent to you.
  • Added support for /option bIgnoreGuildInvite. If true will ignore all guild invites sent to you.
  • Added support for /option bIgnoreFriendInvite. If true will auto reject all friend invites sent to you.
  • Added support for /option bInvertCombatSwing. This option will invert your swing directions.
  • Added support for /droploot command. This will drop everything you are carrying as if you had died, into a bag on the ground. This bag will time out after 5 minutes and the command can ONLY be triggered every 5th min. It can not be used while mounted.
  • Using the /guild disband [name] command will destroy the guild. This replaces /g disband and was expanded upon to avoid accidental guild deletion.
  • bFootStepSound should now work with /option
  • bFootStepSound_Self now work with /option
  • bInvertMouse should now work with /option
  • A plethora of new blueprints and contracts have been added with the new Territory Control System. Note that not all of these will be purchasable by "normal" means.
  • Bound items can no longer be placed in bags.
  • Made broker items safer.
  • Price of Lysimachia reduced.
  • Added the Deconstruct skill. Use this skill to deconstruct territory buildings into blueprints again. This skill can only be used on the new Territory Structures, and only if they have not already been fully built.
  • Several new camp locations have been added throughout the world.
  • The Tephra node in the Cave Camp area has been fixed.
  • Fixed a large amount of floating meshes.
  • Removed a couple of really bad house spots that weren't controlled by players.
  • A vast number of new NPCs have been added.
  • Added support for more interesting rules when trading with vendors.
  • Updated code for how NPCs respond to help calls from other NPCs.
  • Built a more solid return to last points system for attacking AI.
  • Adjusted the range at which certain NPCs can be used.
  • Tax Manager can now take direct donations to add to the guild's treasury.
  • Tax Manager now show the guilds current prominence.
  • Reduced the range when using house banks.
  • Velocity damage mod on mount increased slightly.
  • Decreased thrust damage on mounts slightly.
  • Longbow damage increased slightly.
  • Slashing on Flanged maces reduced by 15%.
  • 1H Star Quillion, 1H Quillion cup BH, 1H Small Horned BH +15% Thrust mod.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some issue with mounted player getting stuck in ceilings.
  • Fixed the bow you get from the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with trading that made trading items from banks to other players very strange.
  • Fixed issue with mounted mounts getting their heads in a odd position when hit.
  • Tweaked blends for mounts so that horses now have their walk back.
  • Fixed issue where the skill lore skill of the material used to craft armors wasn't correctly calculated.(server fix already implemented)
  • Items in pet bags no longer count towards item-caps for player inventory.
  • Fixed "less then an hour" typos.
  • Fixed placement of managons.
  • Fixed issue with some bows giving stamina when drawn.
  • Pet equipped item no longer show up when snooping.
  • Fixed issues when unequipping a bow while having it drawn and probably a lot of similar bow-related issues.
  • Fixed rare crash loop that some players had.
  • Fixed glitch that made it so that people could get crazy bad FPS when dead due to priest-beacons stacking.
  • Added better limits to what enhancements can be used on.
  • Fixed a couple of typos in the tutorial.
  • Fixed issues with certain UI elements that wouldn't correctly close when moving too far away.
  • Fixed an issue with placing things in the jungle.
  • Added a fix for items that were lost due to being moved from a house chest.
  • Cleaned up equip code a bit to fix some UI issues.
  • Fixed issue where the daily cleanup for some players didn't run correctly.
  • Fixed issues with placeable spawners not correctly losing health when spawning.
  • Fixed a significant number of map art issues.
  • Fixed issue with death-sickness not correctly being handled.
  • Losing input focus to UI will now cancel any attack move.
  • Fixed issue where NPCs that were holding objects would still show the objects when dead.
  • Fixed an issue with guild war flags for players who've just joined a guild at war.
  • Fixed an issue with bound items that were placed in pet bags when the owner died.
  • Fixed issue with pet-equipment acting up when the player died.
  • Fixed issue where players could override their stat cap until they re-logged by using the tutorial.
  • Unequipping a bow while it's drawn back no longer drains stamina.
Known Issues
  • Placing a TC structure very high can cause the NPC to spawn under the floor once completed.
  • Placing a TC deed will prevent you from then placing a normal player house deed unless you relog.
  • TC Gates sometimes float if placed at maximum height.
  • TC Mines may produce the wrong type for the type of rock they're placed on.
  • Moving a siege engine over a nodeline will cause the siege weapon to become invisible.
  • Veteran capes currently do not load their graphics properly.
  • Bow crafting recipes does not work.
  • All of the old palisades will be rebuilt by GMs during a extra long downtime. Please be patient it will take some time. In the mean time watch the new trailer!
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