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Short handle Sledgehammer was already winning in 1v1 situation vs any Polesword.
But polesword at least you could sticky someone that was trying to run away.
It also really hard to not hit ally next to you with a polesword I mean like... Come on guys .....

Situational guys ..... It depend the situation and how you make your weapon Worth Use .... You not gonna win in every situation with a Polesword.

But now its just garbage.
1v1 you can easily parry the sledge and never get hit. And if you run away they have virtually 0 sticky potential, bad range and horrific stam. All you need to do is move around so they need to sprint while swinging and they will stam super fast. If you have a fast wep you might even be able to hit in between parries and not need them to stam.

Unlike a nice 2h short handle pole, which still uses little stam, and is hard to parry cuz left swing and stab look similar. and if they try to run you have the potential to sticky.


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Like I wish long handle poles wernt complete ass now, but at the same time, its a fair price to make long sticks not op. when I started this game long handle poles were the only weapon. Handle nerf finally changed that, but then people just used short handle. Pre today, like every fight I saw mostly all poles on fighters, with some spears, and the rare anything else.

And long handles made short handle bad for everything else too. Like you never see short handle club, they are just dick long handle with better dur lol. Same with axes, but at least those needed a primary for the long handle.

So like I think the change is still a good thing. It hurts cool poles, but it buffs everything else that was just bad cuz it wasnt on a long or short stick.

I can actually use a short handle star mace now and not feel like massive garbage. 1h flanged. I bet some 1h axes are viable now. Swords are better stam than a pole same blade, but less sticky potential. Fair tradeoffs. Etc.
I doubt it'll make much difference on a star mace or flanged or warhammer, probably still best on a long

also a gb on a short is still going to be better than a short range club
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I dont rememebr the last time I actually saw people using 2h long handle poles. Their dur is trash and they get tons of handle hits.

Almost everyone uses 2h short handle. Which is a only 10% nerf.

Also sarouter axes, which by the way, nobody used anyway, are only a 10% nerf, because they got buffed to counter the other 10% (to =20). And this is good because otherwise a 2h short hand;e axe was just a bad long handle.

And you can still easily dive and kill mages with poles. If you cant with 10% stam nerf you would have stammed and died in their group anyway.

In 4 days you will prob realize this isnt a big deal and that your 2h short handle blademaster is still perfectly viable. And if you really dont like the 10% nerf, use swords or something and save a primary. 1 primary can go a long way, like for fitting aiming technique to foot bow. Trust me, the change wont ruin your gameplay.

It maybe huts 1 play style a tiny bit, but it makes the worse ones a lot better. So overall is a good change.

^This. Maybe not conq tho, they are kidna too big lol. And L katana, even tho I love the things lol. But shortblades + curved would be cool, they really need long handle.

It would buff them for 1h and as swords, but I doubt they would be op, cuz they are already pretty bad lol. Like maybe 1h curved blade would be op no stam, but I doubt it.
Shortblades and curved blades are aids on a short handle tho. The range for short handle katana and conq was already shit compared to Great Blades, they didnt need this nerf. Conqueror even has a very wonky hitbox that is shorter than the actual sword mesh. And honestly dont think long handles should have a higher penalty, they were already hard to use with the handle hit nerf. The only pole wep heads that needed nerfing were great blades really
Why I resub this fucking game .... wtf.....

Ridiculus patch ... stupid devs. I gave this game a last chance, I resub 4 days ago. I did some PvP event already .. pretty fun. And you guys do a patch like this? Im out seriously I leave my sub run out fuck that.
You say that all the fucking time, all you do is whine.


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i do think it is a good balance patch
i just think there is way more important things to focus on cause pole were kinda "ok" while some other things mentionned by others previously are seriously in more need to be fixed : necro pets,spears, stuck locations, quality of life things, few bugs i can details here and here that are affecting full loot aspect, and ofc since MO is about to receive a patch supposed to retain new players with the newb island ,some easy addition to make the game looks better. Compare fabernum area or steintroll cave to the front of tindrem, and you get where i am going.
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Well, Mauls are not better on a mounted today than it was yesterday.

A great blade should not be placed on a long handle, its been an abnormality of a weapon for so long, this patch is encouraging using short blades on poles instead, which is a more historical correct weapon.
And when will the braindead spears be fixed? Hitting for 50s etc
Lol hilarious that they nerf a decently balanced weapon when there is retarded shit like spears all over. Theres a reason that every shitty used to run maalite spears. (probably still do but havnt played recently)
will this be in place for mortal royale too? because there goes any chance ill even try royale now at least.. poles are fun as fuck to use.. has anyone even complained about poles ?
Lol, slight tweak to weapon:
OmG I wOnT pLaY MO RoYaLe.

I'm just happy to see em pushing out patches and balancing the game.

Also I guess I'm not phased (great sword user) seems like I been doing it wrong since "the only viable weapon on foot was polesword."
Chances are that players will not have their weapon of choice in Mortal Royale most of the time anyway.
Having no noticeable stamina drain difference on a 2H Hilt and a 2H Long Handle, isn't defendable in my opinion, the poles are like I said earlier still extremely viable, but now have a slight difference in stamina drain compared to 2H hilts.
I guess you could of always buffed 2h hilts instead? Idk. Was there reasoning against doing that?
Still seems like everyone way over reacting. Also seems needed given "poleswords were perfect weapon, or only viable weapon etc." Or otherwise 2h hilts needed a buff