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  • Added a dedicated button (tab) to open both inventory and the paperdoll.
  • Added a section for login news in the login screen.


  • Removed a couple of config options that was being abused to get an unfair advantage.
  • Ranged Weakspot damage now works like Melee Weakspots and ignores 70% of the armor instead of 100%
  • World loot windows now close when empty.
  • Blacklisted players will now ping alert towers.
  • Control towers connected to guilds that don't have a guildstone placed will now take damage every round.
  • You can now press "Use" on mounts to tame them.
  • Unbuilt houses that are destroyed before being finished are now instantly removed and does not take 48h to remove.
  • Player psyche now reduces magic attacks from ai.
  • Pet window now shows maxspeed instead of the stat speed. You can still see the speed stat by hovering the mouse over the UI.
  • Improved tooltips for the pet-window.
  • Improved line of sight for AI when they target players with ranged attacks to prevent them from "shooting around corners."
  • Tamed creatures killed by guards now drop loot.
  • The Inspect book is now available at the Khurite Librarians.
  • Blinders now reduces mount stop time with 50% instead of 90%
  • Did some minor overall atmospheric graphic improvements to the Myrland landscape.
  • You can now target players inside bushes.
  • Improved the teleporting out of the Demons Lair to prevent players getting stuck in the pillars.
  • Increased the max stats for Speed and Constitution on Gamals to make them more viable.
  • The double Strength requirement for mounted weapons are now replaced with a dynamic player strength compared to the weapons weight calculation to make lighter weapons like swords usable on mounts. This change will not affect the current setup of weapons, just add more diversity to it.
    (Player Str/18=Viable Weapon Weight)


  • Fixed an issue when dismounting a mount would set the pitch of the player to an odd number.
  • Fixed a client crash when casting spells.
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