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Krampos is visiting Tindrem!
This year Discordo was pulled from the urn but he is not going down easily.
Besides spreading the items around his burning house he is also running around spreading them all over tindrem!
If you find Discordo give him a good old smack on the head and he will drop some extra loot for you to pick up,
but don't hit him too much, or he might run away for a while!

Discordo walks from his house out into Tindrem and then back to his burning house again to pick up more loot!

Some of the things to find includes:

  • A new Krampos Buccus Cape!
  • A rare Urial Mask that makes you look just like Krampos!
  • A rare Krampos Dagger collectors item!
  • A Thursar Plate Armor crafting book!
  • Trinkets and charges, and many other things!

Big thanks to the members of the community who helped write the dialogue for Krampos this year!

Patch Notes:

  • Added a new type of AI that flees from it’s targets.


  • Improved some AI following behavior.
  • Made Tindrem a bit more festive!
  • AI will now do friendly attacks like healing or buffing when roaming and not only when idle.


  • You no longer get the message “This mount is too young to ride.” when pressing use on a mount that you want to tame.
  • Fixed incredibly rare bug when mounting a mount and equipping armor.
  • Fixed a chest that were spawning on top of the tunnel in the Gaul Kor mine.
  • Fixed some Ai collision issues on the floating Arena.
  • Fixed issue where leveling down a skill wouldn’t correctly disable it’s children.
  • Fixed a node-crash related to player housing.
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