Patch Notes: Krampos Horror

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It turns out something went horribly wrong when Krampos were to start planning his annual event, and now he needs your help!

Krampos little helpers has turned against him, sabotaging the event.
They have stolen everything from his book of citizens to his urn, and on top of that, they are being really really rude to everyone!

Help Krampos by killing the little menaces and you will have the chance to find items such as:

  • Krampos Index Of The Urn! (New Spellbook)
  • Krampos Urn! (New House Decoration Item)
  • This Years Krampos Cape!
  • The Dall Roba Armor book!
  • And many other items!

  • Added no build zone to Tephra Crater.
  • Added no build zone at the Greater Natorus.
  • A new title for helping Krampos.

  • Made the nights on Haven a bit brighter.
  • Aur Boss only spawn every third hour now.
  • Lowered the damage on the acid and acid puke attack for Necromancy summoned pets.

  • Fixed the Sacrificial Stone house decoration turning into another item when picked up.
  • Fixed an issue where the Triple Strike attack that could deal too high damage in some cases.
  • Fixed some more typos.
  • Fixed Butchery Tutor on Haven not bumping some skills as he should.
  • Fixed the water in the Haven mine that could make it look like you were walking on it.
  • All character slots will now have Haven as a starting location option.
  • All characters slots starting on Haven will now have the Yellow fledgling flag.
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