Philip1300 rank 1 player who gave you impen is now on youtube.

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HEY everyone.

quite sure me dont need to tell you who impen are for quite sure almost everyone knowm.
Impen is rank 1 tamer who com from no where and fall down some one bomb in mortal online and kicked down everyone
on the tamer rank and changed things and on around 2 months went from 0 rank to be rank 1.

ME philip1300 is the one who using impen when me is in mortal online.

Me wanted to tell yous that me have now do what many here have wanted me to do.
me have started one youtube channel and every day new videos coming.
me be slow better on do them and every day one or many videos coming.

So now you can subscribe and se me play what me play on youtube:)
me started for 7 days ago and have now 25 videos.
many many many more coming.