Please unnerf blinders for the love of God.

High hp horses already have too high speed and dexterity. It would be nice if they looked closer at that as well.

Also, it's Gods, not God. Heathen.
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If they limited max stats by the breed type Bull/Jotun/Desert/Mongrel/Steppe/Jungle then you could have a high health horse with good mitigation but it wouldn't be very fast or dexterous but you could have a extremely fast horse with very low health and almost no mitigation as how they were originally intended.

Horse got several buffs especially bull horses after lykiators were introduced to MO, just so people would still use horses as lykiators were OP at everything

I personally still feel gamels should be immune to heat, to make them the preferred mount of Sarducca even though Desert horses and Desert lykiators are a far better mount choice in every aspect.


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Please add autocannons and lascannons to all donkeys. For balance. Thank you very much.


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haven't read the patch with nerfed blinders, fall off cliff because horse haven't stopped, got pissed
anyway good that they fixed it.