Proposed Demonyms

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I was doing some thinking and came up with a couple of these -- and then decided I might as well go all-out.

Here're my thoughts, does anyone else know if there are official ones for some of these? I haven't seen any.

Myrland - Myrlander

Tindrem - Tindremene [we know this one]​
Fabernum - Fabernumite​
Meduli - Medulan/Medulian​
Kranesh - Kraneshic​
Gaul'kor - Gaul'kori​
Vadda - Vaddic​
Moh Ki - Mohkan​
Bakti - Baktian​
Morin Khur - Morinese​
Toxai - Toxese​
Gal Barag - (Gal) Baragan​
Isla Piska - Piskan​
Sarducaa - Sarducaan [we know this one]

Beth Jeddah - (Beth) Jeddite​
Pash - Pashi​
Belrim - Belrese​
Aur - Auri​
Bedia - Bedic​
Nordveld - Nordvelder

Varborg - Varborger​
Branth - Branthan​
Rimfrost - (Rim) Froster​
Torsburg - (Tors) Burgish [if Torsburg still exists]​
Sidoia - Sidoian [we know this one]

Herabalter - (Hera) Baltan

Urmothâr - Urmothish/Mothish
Lykia - Lykian​


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Players have used Medulian and Baktian. And Gaul Kor would go as Gabarian as the region is called Gabaria.
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Gaul'kor would probably have it's own thing since Gabaria is a region rather than a specific local if I'm not mistaken? So like, all Gaul'kori would be Gabarian, not not all Gabarians would be Gaul'kori.

I like Baktian. Medulian could work too, I'll change those.


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I demand we change these all to finnish! It's much simpler.

Myrland - Myrlandilainen

Tindrem - Tindremiläinen
Fabernum - Fabernumilainen
Meduli - Medulilainen
Kranesh - Kraneshlainen
Gaul'kor - Gaul'korilainen
Vadda - Vaddalainen
Moh Ki - Mohkilainen
Bakti - Baktilainen
Morin Khur - Morinkhurilainen
Toxai - Toxailainen
Gal Barag - Gal Baraglainen
Isla Piska - Isla Piskalainen
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Finnish is a mysteriously complex-and-yet-simple language, I'll give it that.