Pvp and Axis siege defense.


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110 left limb @Herius pls... How much longer are sledge going to be cancer. I dont care if people can dismount and kill a mc. If you cant its just completely broken.


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My favorite part is 5:00.
Thats not even close to a perfect hit (some might even say that shouldn't be a hit at all) but still 102 damage.

I don't even want to use the term MC and Balance in the same sentence because it's contradictory itself.

Just dropping this here for well, the exact reason that the sledgehammer (To specifically state) on horseback is completely broken.

Foot fighters should be able to parry weapons swung at them from horseback without taking damage. On foot, it's fine. But off horseback it's kind of dumb. The whole gameplan with an MC versus a foot fighter is just to chip away at his health.

My personal suggestion and or opinion, rework one handed weapons and let them be more suitable for mounted play. Why are people swinging 14 pound sledgehammers off horseback? Where are the one handed swords and axes? Where are the spears and lances that DO NOT HIT for 120.

Personally for me. You need to observe the max HP of most characters (that are fighters) which usually bounces anywhere from 170 to 200.

Getting hit by a sledgehammer for 70+ literally means you will die in three hits, and you can't do anything about it unless you outright execute a flawless plan of dismounting (That is, if the mounted comes near) and killing either the mounted him self (Which, again.. is a gamble. Given most MC's gear crutch for the reason of being dismounted - so they don't die once they fall off) or the mount (Which usually has a stupendous amount of HP, NOT TO MENTION.... turns INVISIBLE when mounting back up - so you can't even hit it most of the time. Making the mount and mounted invulnerable to damage).

Like.. seriously? How many times do we need to say it. Mounted combatants are so HORRIFICALLY broken that it is an outright cruel joke to deal with in PvP. Yes, there will always be below average or subpar players who make it 'look' like it is easily overcome. But the truth of the matter is.. it's bad, and outright infuriating to deal with. So to recap...

1. If any mounted is DISMOUNTED, when they remount the mount AND the player both turn invisible for a short time making them invulnerable to damage.

2. They already have a speed advantage. Most average donkeys move faster than the fastest foot builds. Just drawing a comparison. A mounted even on a terrible mount will always be faster.

3. Mounteds have a very low risk play style, with huge rewards. Also mounteds vs mounteds is kind of rock, paper, scissors. Fatmage beats Mounted Combat, Mounted Combat beats Mounted Archer, and Mounted Archer beats Fatmage. Obviously I'm not ignorant and understand that this isn't entirely true and that any of the three, can beat the other two. This is mainly a generalization of how simplistic the fighting is.

4. The entire mounted system is based purely off of dismounting your opponent. The only class of the three that doesn't outright do this is the mounted archer, this only occurs if the mount dies from underneath their opponent. Which to be honest is - bad. You pretty much just ram your 'Go Kart' into the enemies 'Go Kart' until it stops working.

5. Mounted archers have to aim and land their arrows, and are rewarded with weakspots (If they have Marksmanship) so I see this honestly fairly balanced in terms of PvP. Fatmages pretty much either always EQ spam.. or just prep heals for other mounteds. They serve as literal moving bombs. Mounted combats have pretty much a straight forward task. Slamming you with their weapon, and with the current meta it's usually a sledgehammer which hits you for more than 40% of your total HP.

I'll end my rant here. It's sad to fight someone on foot and see how absolutely terribly they are - only to kill them and have them re-log to a mounted and have them run train on you and your friends, killing them in three hits each.
Oh yeah not to mention. Bushes prevent mounted archers from hitting you. So cool when a game offers a play style that is just so easily described in one word.



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Bushes prevent mounted archers from hitting you.
I still say it's all part of the Star Vault Master Development Plan, some day to include

Figure 1

Urmôthar Wears Bush League Armor​

new armours (¿and uses for Animism?), quite possibly to come with the release of the continent of Lykia. Just gotta keep HOPE alive and have patience. ;)


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I'm not normally a fan of disliking videos but the music somehow was more offensive than the sledgehammers
Not a fan mounted gameplay, if I wanted to watch a bunch of paraplegics for entertainment, I'd watch the Paralympics.
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Do you have fuckin arthritis. Gave me a god damn stroke.

*Edit* Also, unbind your friends list because a. you don't have any and you keep opening it.
Beany & Jezues would fuck that whole group.
For whatever reason the rendered version always comes out shaky on MO. Removed the friends list shit. The rpk zerg dislike is cute though guess they just like talking shit about being good and hate the videos of them getting decimated.
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The more the sledges are posted the more likely they will do something about it. But honestly mounted aside from sledge is the most balanced its ever been.
Probably wouldn't get hit for 110 limb if they weren't wearing paper armor. What do you think a sledge hammer would do to your arm it you only had cloth covering it?
Rpk tear fest with the dislikes is absolutely hilarious. Hahaha


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For whatever reason the rendered version always comes out shaky on MO. Removed the friends list shit. The rpk zerg dislike is cute though guess they just like talking shit about being good and hate the videos of them getting decimated.
If the music had contained even a trace element of testosterone I wouldn't have disliked it