Regular Updates on lore?

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Greetings lorefreaks,

since we got some cool stuff as the mortal online chronicles, the council of patriarchs and the house of commons running I'd like to hear your opinion on regular updates of the lore.

I'd really like to dive into the world of nave but there isn't much to dive into. I know that lore hasn't much of a priority right now, especially since you're such a small team, but could we please get regular updates for the lore as well? It doesn't have to be dozens or even hundreds of pages at once but some facts about the races, their place in nave etc.

Also it doesn't have to be full stories but some pieces of hints and directions and stuff like that.

Thoughts, opinions?



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The stories and finishing of the racial lore would be nice for sure. But I still think there needs to be something in game to interact with. All the lore in the world wouldn't really help things out too much if there was nothing to do with it besides how some people interact with each other in RP.

I need more of the stuff in my sig. :/
Definitely want to see more lore being presented to players. The chronicles are a great start to making the world feel alive. Now some fictional material would be great. We don't even really know the motivations behind the races...
More lore would be good. My suggestion about character aging would help with this as the deeds and herioc deaths of player characters could then form a part of it.