Right-Click Options for H/S/M UI

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For the longest time I believed you could no longer right-click on your Personal Health/Stam/Mana UI bar and get the options to come up to Resize, Toggle Reserves and Comsumables, etc... due to the fact nothing would happen when I right-clicked the UI (my UI sat centered on my screen on all characters).

I had thought to myself how awful this would make it for people who didnt fully understand their reserves and such, and could not get your main UI to show positive reserves or to show your comsumable levels to see your hunger...

BUT... I have found that when my H/S/M Bar UI is on the left side of my screen... I do get the options to open up when I right-click. As I drag the H/S/M Bar UI closer towards the center of my screen(to the right) you lose the ability to get the options to come up when the UI is right-clicked. If you drag it back to the left side of your screen, you can again get the options to come up.

Im not sure if this is intentional or not for the need of left-side placement of the H/S/M UI to get these options, but I was just under the belief it was broken and unavailable until now.