RIP Chronicles of Elyria 2000-2020

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Well it was a long stupid run and I can’t say I didn’t see this coming but it hurts anyway... they ran off with our money bois and decided to blame it all on covid and lack of interested investors.

After everyone was suspicious in 2019 due to their perceived lack of progress , the devs ran a last cash event before throwing us a terrible single player pre alpha two weeks Ago , which after terrible reception , they put out this link I will post and decided to make us read through 4 pages of “updates and progress” before saying they were throwing in the towel and indefinitely stopping progress yet leaving and open ended vibe to it like “oh ya we might get back to developing this game”.

These assholes were way over their heads in term of feature bloat and ambition , they had the idea for permadeath , legacy systems built into families for proper Aristocracy and diplomacy , sailing , different races with different attributes and uniquties , and of course the parkour and jousting that was shown years ago to get us nerds to back it quick .

After realizing they didn’t have the team or the investor backing like star citizen did but yet had the same feature bloat that SC did , they realized they bit off More than they could chew ; this happened sometime early last year in 2019 when we all realized they weren’t really working on the “vox” client that would “speed up development” for the better looking Elyria we saw in all the pics and videos (the client that got us all to back) . When we realized they weren’t even pushing progress towards a working multiplayer pre-alpha client , even in the Vox graphics that were supposedly so easy to code , all of us fanboys started to turn against each other .

Unfortunately for the ones that could see a scam emerging (and the entire community that pitched in money) our suspicions were proven correct as Caspian , the ceo of Soulbound studios , put out this terrible state of Elyria in which he forces pages of “progress” on you before even mentioning they are closing doors .

Read through all of it if you are bored and want to see the fucked up 180 this asshole Caspian makes after talking for PAGES about his supposed progress . What a shame this turned out to be , after years of backing and following the weekly snippets they just throw all their work away and decide to not go any further because they couldn’t be ARSED to fucking pitch in money like we did . 8 million dollars and 20 years of “engine” work down the drain , and 4 years of customer disappointment .. oh well they didn’t even complete their kickstarter requirements so we are all asking for refunds from Xsolla and Kickstarter (and receiving them too as long as you aren’t a king with a $10,000 dollar package - and yes there were plenty of them that pitched in that amount).

If you normies thought star citizen was a scam , well at least they came out with a fucking game for fucks sake .