Selling Halloween event items in Tindrem

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Items i farmed during the day of the dead event


T1 Melds x9
T2 Melds x5
T3 Melds x1
Chaotic Melds x2


Die Defunctorum Cape x9 x6


T1 Rings:
Ring of Zo (+1 strength, +2 max stamina), Ring of kah (+1 dexterity, +2% loot amount), Ring of Fo (+1 dexterity, +3 max mana)
T2 Rings:
Ring of Foo (+1 strength, +2% blunt damage), Ring of Tock (+1 intelligence, +2% rare trinket luck), Ring of Tor (+1 Dexterity, +2% skill trinket luck), Ring of Fol (+2 raw intelligence, +2% trinket luck), Ring of Tor (+1 constitution, +3% loot luck), Ring of Roh (+2 constitution, +2% loot luck)


T1 Amulets:
Amulet of Roh (+13 advanced cooking, +2% ecumenical defense), Amulet of Roh (+19 vitalism), Amulet of Foo (+11 aggressive stance, +5% free armor weight), Amulet of Fol (+16 ecumenical spells, 4% free armor weight), Amulet of Fol (+22 ecumenical spells, +2% blunt defense)
T2 Amulets:
Amulet of Tall (+19 taming, +2% necromancy defense)
T3 Amulets:
Amulet of Esefo (+21 controlled riding, +53 lances, +5% ecumenical mana reduction), Amulet of Esekah (+52 animal care, +33 lances, +4% piercing defense, +6% free armor weight)

Other items

Pumpkin head x3
Pumpkin head house decoration x22
Tea of Growth x27
Tea of Death x59

That's all, PM with what you are interested in and your offer
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