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From today, ES is unlinked from the FL Alliance at all. We are not going to get in details about our reasons to leave the FL alliance. This means we are going to have open pvp with every guild on FL alliance, this includes a non assets desrtuction until someone touch our assets, then well take actions about it. Now that big wars are over, we decided to go back to small scale pvp skirmishes and live by our own for now. We thank our old allies for the time we spent together, we had fun and we met nice ppl, but this is over for some reasons.

We will start the Open PvP against the FL in 12 hours.

Thanks and good luck.
I like this.

Good to see you going off on your own again! We already have great pvp with you guys and I hope for plenty more to come!

Best of luck to you all. Always our favourite enemies!


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that means the snapping baby turtle-necks is over?
Think it worked so far, never seen one in Medulli :D


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Well done ES, You bring us allot of fun PvP, Hopefully we can see allot more guilds come out and play. :)


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Good luck :)


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Very respectable move, ES. It's a good thing that this isn't turning into DF with huge, nut-cupping alliances.

Major props and respect for that. Bienvenidos al fuego. Nos peinamos el vello pubico con los puercoespines aqui.
Props ES for keeping things fun and not nutcup alliance zerging!


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Always love to the ES guys.

Xhodan Xeus

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Nice move! Also the best of luck to you guys!

I respect es for doing this. I see no problem getting into an alliance specialy when there is a huge war. It is only natural to find people in order to try to win and protect there asset. There is no need for an alliance however when there are no major wars going on. In the end when you try to find pvp it will end with a zerg and a bunch of diffrent guilds fighting one.
Hope other guilds see this too and end the super large alliances when there really is no need for....right now.


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No se puede restringir a un novillo.

Saw that coming couple of weeks ago.
Since the big wars are over it's a good step to create more small scale pvp on the server again.
Anyhow i'll miss the football discussions and kranick's laugh. :D

See you guys around.



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so who owns the oasis keep and vadda now?
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