Shield Crafting, and You.

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This guide will be a look into the different options presented to us through Shield Crafting, plus the materials that can be used in each part of the shield. I will not tell you how to make your shield, just what numbers and options that exist for everyone's education.

Shield Construction...

A shield is divided into three parts. Your Primary Material, the Coat material, and your Frame material.

Primary Materials. For shields you can only use Woods, and Advanced Woods as your primary material. In order of Density: Spongewood, Whitewood, Firmwood, Greywood, Dapplewood, Brownwood, Blackwood, Ironwood.

Frame Materials.
Woods, Advanced Woods, Keratin, Crepite, Dental, EndoSkeletal, Metals, Petrology.

*Frame materials can have a great effect on the Durability of a shield, without effecting it's weight or Resistant Values tremendously. Endoskeletal and Dental take the lead with W/D Value, though they lose a bit in resistance. Upon testing a few metals though, I found that there are hidden gems in that category as well (steel has a great W/D Value, and the Resistance levels are huge when used in frames).

Coat Materials.
Woods, Adv.Woods, Keratin, Crepite, Carapace, Dental, EndoSkeletal, Metals, Petrology, Textiles, Leathers, Furs, LightScales, HeavyScales.

*The coat applied to the shield has a much greater effect on the Resistance levels, and can have a much greater effect on the final weight of the shield. Coat has less of an effect than the frame when it comes to Durability modification. The softer materials have a much better W/D Value than their harder counterparts.

Types of Shields...

Round Shields:




No Frame

Kite Shields:




No Frame

ShieldCrafting and Skills

Skills Involved...
*Shield Crafting (P)
-----Round Shield (s)
-----Kite Shield (s)

Material Lore Options...
*Botony (P)
-----Dendrology (s)
----------Advanced Dendrology (P)
*Animal Materials (P)
-----Keratin (s)
-----Dental (s)
-----Skeletal (P)
----------ExoSkeletal (s)
---------------Crepite (s)
---------------Carapace (s)
-----------EndoSkeletal (s)
-----Scales (P)
-----Mammal Skin (P)
----------Leather (s)
----------Fur (s)
*Textile (P)
*Petrology (P)
*Metallurgy (P)
-----Advanced Metals (P)
----------Master Alloys (P)
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Material Contrast and Compare

These charts show the variations of using different materials in the corresponding spots of Shield Creation... For a control Purpose, Whitewood was the control material used. So in all instances, the other two materials in each bow shown, uses Whitewood.

Multi stands for W/D Value. The lower this number, the more dura you get for the weight put in.

Prot Value is the UI % in comparison to the control material (whitewood). All shields come with the same Piercing Value, just the Blunt and Slash goes up or down. I do not feel this number stands for the actual damage reduction, but the resistance values to durability loss from an outside source.

Primary Materials...

Frame Materials...

Coat Materials...
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Reserved. I know all materials are not complete yet in the charts... working on it. As well, the metals selection is limited right now due to lack of max lores in metals on my shield crafter. I will add in more metals as I get the lores maxed out.


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Are you saying there are block value difference between spongewood and tungsteel shields?


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Awesome thread, thank you!
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Are you saying there are block value difference between spongewood and tungsteel shields?
What I am saying is that they produce differing levels on the UI. I do not believe that the material will change how much damage is being let through when you are being struck. Rather, as a resistance to durability loss based off damage type received.

I cannot say 100% what the ratings on the UI stand for (I gave my hypothesis though), but what I can do is report what the UI shows, upon being crafted.

The "Prot" Values show the comparison of the UI values of the Blunt and Slash Resistances to the control material, only.


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How come the piercing Values on shields never change when their are weapons that do piercing damage?
According to Seb, the system for different damage mitigation depending on material composition is already in game: it just needs to be balanced and implemented via the balance team.

Good job as always Golgotha. The Emperor is lucky to have you among his court.
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