Sinraw's Academy! CLOTHOS SPIDER REVENGE (Day 13) @7:00pm CST

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Thank you guys for checking out the stream last time!

Last time, On Twitch...
Last stream we ran through the Fabernum sewers with ease, showing it to some people who have never seen it before. Once the loot was plundered we aimed our swords at a much bigger, much leggier challenge. The Minotaur Cave Spider!
Sadly, the Clothose spider humiliated our small rag tag team of adventurers... Tonight we regroup! and call out to any one willing to give assistance! We split the carcass and whatever is valuable evenly. If anyone wants to come just message me in the chat.

We were once again approached by the illusive NiaN... but this time with three of his friends, finally revealing the meaning of the secret message. The only clear thing we wait for now is the date March 7th. What will happen? Hell I literally have no idea

For those of you who are new, I have been streaming MO in the intentions of helping newer players find a footing in the world of Myrland. We have been finding quite a few new players in Tindrem to join my little "Academy". For the Apprentice Tier we focus on helping them with PvE combat, making sure they understand parrying, and all the more nuance mechanics.With some recommendations from other players we have determined that there should be more of a tier system for these newcomers! Each tier is reached after completing a certain goal. I will list what I have come up with so far below, feel free to toss ideas and names around.

Sinraw's Academy of Combat and Adventuring Tiers:
- Join the school
- Clear First Rat boss in Tindrem Sewers
- Clear Bandit Leader in Tindrem Sewers
- A task that's a little harder than Bandit Leader
- Kill Fog Warden (with some assistance)

Listed below are some goals I have for future streams, These can be broken into two sections. The Stream Goals, which are more long term, that help the Academy grow and become more accessible for newer players. Then we have Stream Goals, some objectives that the students will strive to complete during the stream. Depending on if I have met them already or not, we might try a different goal on any different stream.

Stream Goals:
[X] Attain 5 Students
[11/10] Attain 10 Students
[X] Find an Armor Crafter
[X] Construct A House for my students
[X] Guild Stone

[ ] Expand the Academy to a 2x2
[ ] Level up Guild Stone!!! (for even more students!!)
[ ] Obtain... Oghmium?!
[ ] Level Mage
[ ] Decipher NiaN's message

Group Goals:
[X] Defeat the bandit boss in sewers.
[X] Defeat Fog Warden!?
[X] Explore where no Noob has gone before!

[X] Defeat Risar Chieftain/ Clear Risar Dungeon
[X] Clear Fabernum Sewers.
[X] Clear Fabernum Tower.

[ ] Clear Thursar Cave Outside of Tind.
[ ] Sarduca Adventure?
[ ] Kill CLOTHOS
[ ] Clear Spider Cave.

every time I play I have been learning something new, I strive to learn as much as possible so I can teach my students all the shit I used to do wrong and maybe still do.

We'd love to have you!

Stream tonight starts around 7:00 ~ 7:30 pm CST

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Good Job!
Nice stream, you guys did a good job taking down the Guardian Minotaur and Fog Warden. I don’t know when SV updated the area inside the cave but I have to say it looks good, better than last time when I was there.
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I could, but it would severely inhibit my ability to respond / react to the chat. I feel like when my stream is this young audience interaction is key
I could, but it would severely inhibit my ability to respond / react to the chat. I feel like when my stream is this young audience interaction is key
Good perspective to have.

I’ve watched videos from a lot of gaming channels over the years, and the ones that don’t bother to interact with me (barring those with subscribers/followers in the six-digit range or higher) I eventually tune out completely and never visit again.

Good streams dude, I like your content.
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It's that time again ladies and gentleman!

Another adventure with Sinraw and the guild SACA!

Quick question for those who watch, There might be a chance where I start streaming some days in the morning. This would prob be around 9:30 AM or 10 AM CST. Is that usually a time people are on in EU or other parts of the world? Thoughts?
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Stuff came up later tonight, stream will start a bit later!
9 ~ 9:30 CST
maybe earlier?
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Clothos is going down!
new thread for tomorrows stream!