Suggestion - make it less rewarding to spin around in MO2

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Hello MO community,

I come here because Farmerjoe told me to post this thread here, so here goes.

I have always been a Mortal Online fan ever since the teaser trailer. And even if I didn't play much MO1 (it had it's problems :p) I am absolutely hyped for MO2, I love what i'm seeing in the closed alpha, graphics are incredible, combat is getting ever tigher. The game looks very promising indeed, so good job SV and good job to the testers!!

I come to you to voice my concern about spinning while fighting, I put the link of a video that has two dudes testing the directional blocking and swinging, and as someone who played his fair share of Chivalry Medieval Warfare something is striking me when I look at this video, it's that the alpha testers are already using the tactic of spinning around like a ballerina to make it harder for their opponent to read their strike.

CMW had it's problems in the sense that top tier players now only resort to reverse over heads, dragging the animation of their swing, it is not fun for anyone, even them. But they keep using it because it is now the only viable way of fighting. I am now seeing the same abuse of game mechanics in MO2 and we're not past closed alpha yet.

While this may be regarded as a viable tactic to some, I think it will be detrimental to the health of the game in the long run. This kind of spinning around and abusing the animations to make it nigh impossible to block will not only make people flee MO2 en masse, it will be regarded as the only way to fight in the future, and all we'll see are people spinning like tops.

This is not to say spinning should be removed, in the contrary, the first time i've seen one of the duel videos and I saw the guy spin into a stab I thought it was awesome.. what the game would need is some sort of penalty to your stamina if you spin too much (Ever tried spinning 10 times around? You'll feel dizzy) or lock the mouse sensitivity so that you can't do a 720 degrees in a fraction of a second.

Like I said I love the new MO2 and i'm excited as hell to play it. Star Vault really did learn from experience and I could't be happier!



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They should make swings take less time to charge, that would help. It will be nice when they fix the sound so you can hear whether the person parried you or not, as well.


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Agree. Its too fast and too chaotic. In MO1 it's way slower.


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Agree. Its too fast and too chaotic. In MO1 it's way slower.
Hes talking about spinning while charging attacks to confuse you into blocking wrong.

About speed I feel its in a great state atm, any slower and it will become a parry/counter fest like MO1 became due to being so slow.