Swimming to Sarducca

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Is it possible to swim to Sarducca?


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No. Just the bridge.
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But i fell =(


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Has anyone tried?


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Before Sarducca I tried but u hit an invisible wall, there is a clear line on the sea floor. It was however made clear that the bridge would be the only path.

If you fell swim back to shore and go back to the bridge.


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Maybe, maybe if you were under the bridge it could work but I doubt it.
This needs to be fixed SV..that dumb bugged pet eating bridge should not be the only access to Sardookie
There should be a ship going from Tindrem harbour to sarducaan shores and another one from Meduli harbour.
Or maybe one ship following from Tindrem to Meduli along the coast and then to Sarducca.
There and back, waiting for around ten minutes at every stop.
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