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I agree this Connection Loss thing needs to be fixed ASAP... I lose connection multiple times a day and have lost multiple mounts and gold because some Jack Wagon decided to kill my mount before i can log back it. This is F'in ridiculous... I don't know what changes occurred because of the latest patch but this never happened to me before... PLEASE FIX IT ASAP
Just think. You ride with 6 donkeys. Donkeys full of plate skales, ironsilk and inc. And you see Fancypants near Fabernum gate and CONNECTION LOST. You reconnect and your donkeys is die
AND THEY DO HEAVY ROBE FROM YOUR MATS! I don't know how, but they do! Army of newbs, who loot your donkeys now do shit from your mats.

Henrik Nystrom

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We believe we know the reason for this now and working to solve it.

Thank you.


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We believe we know the reason for this now and working to solve it.

Thank you.
Will we be getting reimbursed for all of this frustration and horrible customer service that your staff has shown?
We have identified the issues, since it was not a simply node being down issue, but a security system kicking in way to sensitive and dc some of our players.

We are working on this now.
Thank you for your patience.

So maybe kick only trial players?
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Unless this was like 3 weeks ago I don't believe it was I who killed you :)
teroh Leviathhan in grayhall ... IX and KOV x Merc.... remember? u got me in the rock not moving....


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I bet this is probably there priority now.. it better be all those caps..


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ooo ok gotcha was confused thought u ment me and blinkin together killed u ;)


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Clearly this is a very serious issue. We've all been hit by it and it's not funny.


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I have experienced these d/c's usually after i died and im putting my armor back on or when im equipping armor after i took it out of the bank.

not once was i dead afterward and was always able to get immediately back in unlike when the game completely crashes and i get the chars not loading message, the latter i assume i would still be in the world and vulnerable to being killed but not like the op was stating


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I have been having this issue all day. Most times I cannot log back in. sometimes, I can log in one account and not the other. Both often get D/Ced at the same time, but not always.

maybe it's something with the login server on my end.

just my experience.
I have Lost Connection 3 times in the last twenty minutes, each time while looking through my skills. Every time i am forced to wait 20-30 seconds in order to log back in. I really hope this issue is fixed soon before my patience runs out.

Edit: 4 times now and the last three where in the time span of 10 minutes
Edit: 5 times, this time I lost connection during the loading screen.

and before anyone asks my internet connection is reliable and stable
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