Tax Manager disappears, money lost, structures decay

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We had a problem yesterday where the Tax Manager disappeared. I think it was after the Server went down and restarted around noon PST on Friday.

We arrived at the keep to see the NPCs had rioted and the structures took a lot of damage. We went in to pay the Tax Manager and he was gone. We submitted petitions and got the tax manager back, but the treasury was depleted and we had to put more money in to get things going again.

There seems to be other issues as well, such as the massive fluctuation in the cost of the mine upkeep, at least what the Economist house says. One day the upkeep for mines is 6 gp a day, the next it is back down to 2 gp. I don´t know if the Economist House is bugged or if these are real figures, but we had enough in the treasury to cover the upper end amount.

We lost about 100 gp and the destruction to our structures is significant. Today I heard that this has occurred to other guilds as well. This is a big problem because of time and investment that these structures require. Guilds cannot afford to log in and deal with a situation that they thought was under control. We monitor our daily taxes and our treasury everyday, so this just adds additional grief to a game that already has its fair share.

Fix this please or at least give us an update on why this is happening, and what assets you have dedicated to the problem.