Tax Manager Stealing Money

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A couple weeks ago, when we first started getting our guild settled we put a 10% tax on a our vendors. After selling what should have yielded 50g in tax revenue, we only saw an increase of 4-5. After a couple of days of this we shut the tax off. At the same time a partner guild of ours had the same issue, to the tune of losing a couple hundred goal of taxes on butcher sales.

After here no response after a couple weeks we tried again today to use the tax to help properly fund out guild structures. After applying the 10% tax and selling a couple hundred gold, 20-30g in tax revenue to the vendors... the gold on our tax manager dropped from around 250 to 160 rather than going up.

GM Galenus

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This should be fixed. Can you set up a controlled test to check if your vendors are still acting as you're saying they were? Keep in mind that your tax revenue from vendors won't update for about an hour.