Tents In Mortal

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Tents in mortal that give you 1 respawn on them then they brake. They have this in gloria victis and i loved it just have it pop up when you die (would you like to spawn at your tent) with 2 options yes and no

How you can use them
Can use them for going to war all your men set 1 up before starting a siege giving the attackers a camp
Farming as you can see in this pic i have 1 at the side of my butcher table getting ready for farming just incase some thing goes wrong
You could set tents up outside dungeons so you have 1 respawn outside but you still need to get back in and you risk people seeing them



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hopefully some sort of that goes in mo 2 hopefully they do it right with mo2 this time


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If everyone waited for MO2 to make any more suggestions, it'd be a sad little forum.

As far as waiting for things to be added to the game, waiting for MO2 is implicit & and a given.
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