Teroh's Signature Service.

Same, they're a very unique style of signature. They place an emphasis on the character that quite often the person requesting the signature has picked as representation of themselves both in game and on the forums. The backgrounds he uses also nicely compliment the artwork used for the main character.

I know for a fact that Teroh puts a lot of time and care into the signatures he makes and does everything he can to make the signature just like the customer wants.
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Xhodan's version 1 is done.


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Muahahahah. Stopped being lazy and actually put some work into mine. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the good work Teroh.
(I hated the wings so much, had to almost half make them myself...)
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Nice Allastar ! really digging the light coming off the back of the angel.

Btw want to thank everyone for all the positive comments. I only just started doing image editing like last week and ahalf, learning everything from scratch as I go. I went from just slapping some images together to bluring,blending,modifying tiny details.

I'm trying to work hard on learning more techniques to make sure every client walks away happy :)


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Love mine. I just told Teroh what a few things i like, sent him a picture, told him to work his magic. He took the idea from the picture i sent him and it turned out better that i had pictured. Thanks a lot bud.
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Diphrael version 1 done

Xhodan Xeus

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Real awsome work again!
This guy realy makes great sigs and is willing to work with you till your happy.
Told him what i was looking for and he created based on what i told him a sig. I wanted him to do a few changes with the knight person on my sig and he changed it till i was happy. Once he works on your sig the resbonds where fast and always understood what i meant. I recommend this person. If you want your own sig ask him im sure he will pull something out that you will like. I love my new sig and whatever he charged totaly fits the hard work he put in.
Awesome work Teroh! Lookin good. You'll be the first one to get my Christmas Wish list haha.
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I have returned from my vacation! I will begin working on the sigs I left off at !

Just an fyi I update the first post with new information from time to time.

Also if anyone else wants minor changes done to their sigs pm me.
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Brurk and Bazathar's are done


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Teroh does amazing work, I gave sOmething pretty vague tbh, and he just ran with it and came up with something that exceeded what I had in my mind. I highly recommend his services


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Dammit, now I need to commission one....can't have Qeric showing me up!
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ThaBadMan's is done.


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I love the sig, worth every dime. The artwork is way better than i thought it would be. Great job indeed. Especially considering all the details i wanted in it.

10/10 easily.