Teroh's Signature Service.

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Retox's is done
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Kraken's is done
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incarn's done
Service Experience: Bad

-Never finished my signature
-Decided not to work on it after he stopped for some reason and said he would continue.

I dont need nor want a signature now but thought id state my own opinion and experience. His signatures arent bad but some customers are forgotten it seems.
I'm in search of a Khurite/native american themed signature with maybe symbols of their religion, im the creator of the Khuritian order and it will help promote my cause and following. I'll pay you ingame or i will ask Yakazi(my friend) to do so" June 13th

Then he said he had to delay, that was fine, then he said he couldnt make my signature due to complications, got them sorted out.

"Sounds great just let me know once its completed, ill be ready with your payment of the price." June 19th
Teroh- "K"

It is now July 19th and I've seen many signatures produced and mine hasnt, so im sad to say my service has been jipped but its fine. Good guy and all just forgot mine or something, hence my opinion and report given. I just wanted my signature for rp reasons since im working on things for the god list (Somaku)

I wont make this a discussion since it is a service thread but had to reply to the question above.
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My mistake lost track of your name. have my apologizes


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Did you make the one lyfender is using with the lightning? Looks awesome, I bet the guy who made it is handsome and very well endowed. =p


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Please make me one :)


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Yo mate, I just wanted to remind you that I have ordered a signature a month ago and paid in foreward but still waiting. Even though you may not play currently that shouldn´t hinder you to fulfill the service you offer.

kind regards
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Sorry to Malgor for the delay quit the game and just came back.

I'm working on his now and will refund his money as well.

I'm Back.

For the Month of December I will be making custom sigs free of charge. Please only ask for one if you plan on using it and try not to abuse me ;). Tips or donations will be accepted but not required or expected.


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thanks mate that is good PR ;) I´m looking forward to the sig :)
Could you make me one? Something involving rats, lots o loot or like an alleyway would be perfect. :)