The book Of Migii " Scripted lines from Khurite literature "

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In this thread I m going to Demonstrate Some Discovered khurite literature line called the book of Migii a prayer book the praised nature and the Spirit's of Wood's and steep , migii is also known for some to be the Goddess of Love an compaction thought those two quality's are mostly ignored by khurite ignored that and bec the rough life of khurite people doesn't allow you to grow Soft but u notice many other script's described more human feeling like love litter's and poems , khurite have a large legacy of being the most talanted poet's side by side being the most fearless Fighters of have , most of the Lines had scattered because of war and conflict across the ages so in my research I try to but peaces together into one book again for you " we start here with a missing text I Found in Moh ki seem to describe a personal experience written by some one who was in a long practice of meditation :

"As if the days are hallway of a light-cut, the light is false, leads you to each other and You follow as they Do not wait for anything .. Go alone and slowly , stick with that Rat that lends the threads of your age ...
Continue, no joy, no sorrow, no indignation, no Rest , no distraction or attention ...
Then suddenly and unexpectedly you see a light that you mislead and then you believe it ...
I went out into the open range to see the face of our Lord and the sun and the air ...
People and voices around you communicate with words or laughter ...
Then You wonders: was it a dream or an illusion !
Where the ringing of sounds went, and the open range in the hope of a blaze like a dusk of the sun In broad daylight !!
You wonder .. as you walk in your hallway again ....

Another Ancient script i found in a Remains of an old grave Near Toxai it seems to Describe the Pain of the Banished Souls of eather " it Seems the grave owner been asking Forgiveness bec i found a sacrifice Table and Symbols that prove my theary he Sacrificed himself to have Remediation From the Gods and the text itself is used as Prayer Ritual to save guard the Soul to the gates of eternity " it starts as :

The great calamities seem to catch the soul and then come what is stronger and more severe be , What seems big and Mighty shall shrink and shrinks in a corner of the heart and the Mind ,The more Men tries to win what is in his heart , the more he has in his heart !...
Search For your true self and the Way shall opens !...
For Everything has a price The More you Want it the More it shall Cost !...
Like age when the length is shortened, and the body grows older , and the fruit is mature and then spoil, fabric becomes dry A soul Fade and Shall be Banish when it stray far From the Path of Faith !...
For Not every white is cold, nor is all black coal, nor is it all green basil, nor is every horse spun in the field ..
For the Mother watch over her child in Life , The Gods Watch's her follower in Death !....

Another Quarto Script Was curved on the stone table of The famous Grave of Mogul of Bakti it Seem it Was from the Mythic era where the Old Soldeus " the God of light and virtue " worshiped there , its translation said ;

By the Name of our Lord Soldeus
By his honor your Servant sworn
To keep evil forever at bay
And the fiercest foes rout
By your Guidelines i obeyed

And For Your faith i Laid
Guide Me through eternity
And watch My Kin till we meet again "

Another prayer Script Was Curved on the stone table of the Morin khur Mogul Cave " it seem Morin khur reviled To the Goddess Somaku " Mother and Protector of The Steppe , The Daughter of The old God Naesu The Watcher of steppe and Answer-er of Summons" .

Heavenly Mother of The steppe The Protector of Khur
Somaku Daughter of Naesu Watcher of the Land
Guide My path and Forgive My Mistakes
Goddess of Love and Compaction
Escort your Servant to your Gates
As Milady have foretold when Your follower Cr's For you
Comes our watcher with Wings of Dawn
to bush Damon's From My soul
And Safeguard My children Till We reunion again

Another translation Was recently found in a Small Curved shaped rock Near priest island its continents is pit .... odd it Describe two old known figures " a fallen Demi-gods Juko and Vesnu " the siblings of Somaku , its Says :

When they heard The Oomii Thump they Banished
Fighting one another for The end of Time
Ancient shadow unbound
Juko and Vesnu bane of kings
With there hunger to Swallow the world
Both on Dark wings of the Doom
when The Sun Set in East and rise in West
When The rivers Go Dry and starts Fall Down
when Sky's wage war come unfurled
Juko On the Dark wings And Vesnu on the Fire one
But only one Shall Rule For good

To be Continued .
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