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Our home is a vast area in the heart of Myrland that borders to the cold Talus Mountains to the north and to the tropical March Jungles in the south a barren lands where it hardly ever rains, with a very poor soil and on occasions a high salinity level where only very resistant vegetation can survive , a Land full of predators like a lot of wolf species, giant wolverines, terror birds and the occasional saber cats which are constantly on the watch for a suitable prey , Harsh environment left its affect on Resident of those parts the Khurite to adapt the Danger around us made this race faster , stronger , more accurate than other Races and creatures ...


our life style as nomads Depend on Constant move so we don't have many places named except 5 Holds "solid settlements" which Govern them self individually each Hold is Ruled by 3 of the Largest tribe Houses in the region which make us The 15 Noble Houses of The steppe who Rule Most oF khurite Tribes , our laws state that each family " House" take Part in one and only one job in the Hold So u find a House is responsible on Trading and market stats and the Hold stock of supplies and trading Caravans with other Hold and city's while second House will be responsible on Defenses and Hunting and the militia " the Mogul is usually selected from " and the third House will take Care of Farms , Construction , repairing , Mining and wood stock , crafting etc , those 3 Houses will be coordination together to make sure those duty's filled and to make sure that the hold will survive the next winter while the spiritual Leader " Angaq " who speak to the Gods " Migii " is selected between the Ranks of Monks from any House who will take the Honor to give there Child to the Temple to take his knowledge and learn about Heals and magic and life Force rounding us the Angaq tend the sick people of Hold and is payed from all the 3 houses together .
tribes have a long history of civil war and conflicts, and a united Khurite nation has never existed except in legends " Great Mogul siojiik and Constructing Morin khur ". according to tradition a collective gathering among the tribes is held every fourth year where trade, wedding ceremonies, competitions and storytelling take place. Since the Conflict the tribes are becoming more unified than before, this is probably due to the increased pressure from the Orcs in the North East and the reptilian tribes in the South .

jungle mogoul.jpg

Great Mogul siojiik The Legendary Ruler of Steppe in His Feathered Golden Crown

the Holds of steppe are : Morin khur - toxai - Moh ki - Bakti - Vadda

Morin khur "MK" the largest stronghold of khurite The Only city Built its the Capitol of all clans , a permanent settlement and the second largest mining area in Nave world fill an important political role in the negotiations between the tribes the Largest Militia , Holds the Direct Descendant of Great Mogul siojiik and Hold the Great temple of Migii , mk is like any other Hold is Ruled buy 3 tribes :

mk vally woriors.jpg A yagali Warrior mk worrior1.jpg A Tenger Horsman dd5171650cd7f401b01506c3d03040ca.jpg A Nurijii Trader

tribe of Yagali ; fearsome Foot fighters Famous for there sharp swords and skill swing there slashes are deadly known to curve there blades with poison they extract from plants they control all works related to crafting , mining , gathering , wood cutting , repairing , and building Many of there Daughters and sons are serving in the militia as well they are the the largest and highly respected in MK .

tribe of Tenger : Feral Horsemen who Knows no fear , they charge on there enemies fearless , skilled with mounted compact and mounted archery in Equal , they control the Militia and Defense of the Hold arrange the political state with other holds and city's and Ruled directly by Great General Mingxia the Mogul of MK all of them are in the militia or tend to guarding duty .

the tribe of Nurijii : are pretty known traders of the hold they control banking , trading caravans , life stock supply , taxidermy , assassinations they are known for many quality's they manage and control Market and insure material flooding and have connections tight to every corner of Nave , They were the first who came up with an idea to Make a Traders guild there goal Was Make the way to a Free Trade World of Nave with an open Market and open Competition .

Toxai ; small Hold near MK vally down the shores of animist island s small settlement was made by
sheevra and veela before long ago , later khurite tribes moved there and took control now they life together in peace the town Hold is full of woods and Good life stock supply and different kind of planets and fishing spawns its Ruled by 3 tribes same as MK :

An Oomii Healer
A injye warrior toxai tribe 3.jpg a Tau Monk

tribe of Oomii : as spiritual tribe they created the thump voice and they Deal in medical manufacture and making potions and extracting jeuces from planets they are wood gatherer and bow crafters as well , all Hard condition of sickness and hapless Cases that cant be treated in great temple of Migii at MK go straight to them " it Said they Found a Way To conjure The Ancient God Somaku the Mother of all Khurite .

tribe of injye :straight strength and true title of ultimate power they tend the defenses of the Hold powerful men and women who fight with any thing there hand can reach most of them work in the Militia , mining , crafting , there body allows them for that sort of hardworking job

tribe of Tau : stealth and flexible with there sword skill makes them lethal opponents most of them are Monks who trade Goods and craft weapons few of them have participated in the militia they mostly tend to travel with the caravans to offer there protection "For a Tau the sacred death is to die defending those who Cant defined them self " .

Moh ki : small Hold Close to Bakti the oldest Settlement between all Holds , older than MK city itself it is the 3rd largest mining area in Nave , Famous for Exporting Metals and support materials like Guard Fure and Quality leather and it is also Ruled by 3 houses :

moh ki 1.jpg A Doran Warrior
An Akera Assasin
a Yuankai Warrior
tribe of Doran : arch enemy Fearless Tend to use heavy weapons Like mace , Axes , poleaxes , war Hammer and spiked Chains they are the protectors of the Hold and they tend Guarding Duty and defenses they are short , Fast , and very deadly on ground they are known for there hate for mounted Compact in fact they never Mount at all .

Tribe of Akera : Darkness , shadows , stealth and silent are linked to there name special tybe of assassins who masters of the katana Blade they move faster than any one else death are there profession death is way of life famous for using poisoned arrow tip and making Deadly poisons they are also hired swords they cover there illegal operations with trading caravans Front unlike rest of traders they dont escorted by armed men as they don't need that its said one Akera can take down 10 fighters with only Small short Katana they tend the market stats in there hold and make sure that prices are stable .

Tribe of Yuankai : strong sword men are the main base of the Hold they occupy many different professions they tend to craft weapons and armors , mining and wood cutting , gathering and manufacturing of medical potions repairing and construction but there real reputation comes from there fighting teq as they are the know of throwing there swords to strike down there opponents few people have survived such an attack and lived to tell about it they are also master of mounted compact unlike Doran they life to Mount and respect Horses as they consider it gift of miigi they are the largest stable in all Nave they trade with khurite jungle tribes For the Speedy jungle horses in exchange of there metals and steel .

Bakti : small camp between 2 Large Hills and on the age of the Great Southern Jungles , Tribes there known for there archery skill and Firm wood as they are at the age of the Forest cliff which surrounded by many firm trees also known for Salvia corps and rice that grow near them they are skilled Mounted archers and known traders ,bakti is Ruled by 3 Houses :

A Ko Warrior
tribe of Ko : strong men who known with there mixed martial arts they are skilled users of bow and sword very accurate and rarely make mistake they control most of the militia and tend defenses and guarding duty also known as protector of trade rots they tend to safeguard any person who access there territory they are very honored and respected from other tribes .
A Ti - Jan Scout
tribe of Ti-jan : Hunting and Gathering are there favorite job they are skilled with following trails and reading land marks they are also Feral Mounted Fighters and accurate Mounted archer they use firm wood and Denis cript for there bow and they carve it with steel to add extra damages there asymmetrical bows are deadly shout and fast as well they work on crafting , butchery , armory and mining and repairing and construction they escort trading Caravans to sell there goods in major city's along with the Ko and Qer-Aun.
Qer - Aun Trader
tribe of Qer-Aun : the largest Trading Group in all steppe they tend to deal with Goods and stock and move from one part to another they have no main base except in Bakti they are low in numbers comparing to rest of the clans but they are not weak or Vulnerable as u may think they are very skilled with sword there favorite play style is to cut opponents apart and leave them 2 bleed till death they are strong connections with Nurijii in MK and withe the Empire itself in tinderum , they are Counted as the most favorite Khurite to the empire Court .

Vadda : Giant Mining town near great lakes is the 4th largest mining area in Nave very famous for its production of metals , weapons , and armors and silk , guard fur , and Denis creipt , it is also ruled by 3 houses who took there Duty to manage that part :
A Cheen warrior
a Si - Jiiki Fighter

e502e05442019aa9e76be61040b5c3d6.jpg A Kamera Assasin

tribe of Cheen : special type of fighters and mercenary a sell swords they are skilled with swords and daggers and very accurate archery they are light armor gear which provides them stealthy move and Fast slash attacks they Do work in other jobs like mining and wood cutting as there str and body building allow them to do so .

tribe of Si-jiiki : Giant body with Muscles light gear with strong arms and heavy swords and Long range bows you know them once ur eye see them very skilled with taming beasts and creature they use them to Guard and fight there enemies they are the first who ever tamed dire wolfs and sabre cats " cougar " they are tend to gather , building and repairing and make weapons and armors .

tribe of Kamera : Deadly poisons and assassinations backstabbing Daggers and poisoned arrow tips like the Akera in bakti they enjoy that life style they work in shadows under trading caravans they are verry skilled with swords and bows and Daggers they tend to make potions and medical items and they are very spiritual there only Rule is not to kill monks or healers " in there believe people Who dedicated there Self's to help others are touched by the gods Harming them Will bring curses and Migii Anger " though they are very phonetically for there life style and very selective in there choice .

those are the official ruling houses of khurite Nation u notice they are exactly 15 Houses with very different stats and same life style but this isn't the end there are far more tribes and secrets i would like to share with u about my Culture , the khurite are not only inside those 5 holds they are spread wildly across all steppe , and they are Many For example :

The West forest tribes : they are Nomads who are very religious ,very Dedicated and loyal to there war-chefs and very proud of there culture they speak Different Tongs and Oomii Thump Voice as well they are very skilled in Foot fighting with very powerful shaped Body's and known For there Colored war paints they use light armors and use heavy blunt weapons mostly they live on Hunting and gathering and stay away from towns and City's they are constant moving they use tents and camps and when they want to trade they do it with moving Caravans they are peaceful in general except few War clans who sell them self's as sell swords most of them don't like strangers even if it was khurite like them they always believe they at war and being targeted from unknown enemy whether it was man or beast or evil spirits .

those tribes are known with many names like "Moijikamo - Uoigii - Ajina - Rowingi - Komo jimi" they carry there names from there Ancestors or from profession they practice or from some old location they came From some of them life in the wild open ground or inisde caves and old ruins "very rare" or up mountain cliffs like near Moh ki there is tribe called " Gen twe " who life up the mountains and control pig part of the steppe there is few to tell about them to be honest they don't welcome strangers and it sometimes end up with blood shied .

The Jungle khurite tribes ; well those are much easy to talk about they are friendly , Good looking people who love to help and Dress very unicycle u know them once u Eye look upon them with there colorful Clothes and Curved Blades and Nice feather tiara and bone totems yellow skin with war painting all over there body , they Face Many Dangerous and fight many creatures specially organized Megnaton soldiers and Cold blood tribes they live on Hunting , gathering , farming , wood cutting and mining they make use of every available source of the jungle they consider it as there God , a true believers indeed they life on the trees of the giant Home trees and in camps away from other creatures and inside Caves as well , they life with other races in peacefully and Harmoney like sheevra and veela and thursars , siodons they all fight together there Common enemy " Sator tribes " who always make raids on there resident in fact the tribes there are more unified than any other khurite tribe in all Nave all there life there been a Rare conflict between each others and same for there relationship between other races there and here are some example of the most powerful know tribes between them :

A nirvana Scout
Tribes of Nirvana ; a wonderful Good looking women and men who are very fast and very accurate and steady hands specially with bows and spears they are know for be living over the Giant trees making there settlement up there to avoid Cold bloods they use tree barks to craft there bows and broken rocks from river to sharp there arrows they life on hunting and gathering few of them work in mines they are famous for there love for trees that they never cut it down as they are sacred according to there believes they also invented Ways to tame and train ravens and Hawks to help them in hunting and following trails .
A Tai - Reen warrior
tribes of Tai - Reen ; the very strongest between tribes famous for there accurate damage bows and slashing thin swords very skilled Mounted compact men and very deadly Mounted archery they are special type of men who are famous for there Red Hood and light kleed armor with feather which is extracted from terror birds they earn there living From mining , wood cutting , crafting weapons and armors and taming Jungle horses , there community welcome every one and alot of other races have joined them for protection and security , they do live inside caves and out in the wold as well they are famous not to fear any thing every thing for them can be killed u just need to know how , there trading caravans are with bakti , vadda and moh ki specially the Yuankai tribes they pay good amount of steel for jungle horses .

tribe of Uij ; war paints and Carved sword with poisoned arrow tips insures quick Death to Cold blood they are sneaky attackers with extreme fast swing and accurate arrows that know there way every son and Daughter of khurite is trained from early age to that type of compact even thought they seem small body but they are Deadly fighters and capable to vanish in-front of there enemies they are famous for spiritual treatment and using old methods to Heal wounded and sick people and there skill with potions make them master of alchemy they earn there living from hunting and farming and butchering Creatures Caracas as well as fishing and diving for treasure chest .

Religion and Customs : Since Dawn of time Khurite knew Gods , Demi - Gods , spirtits of Nature and Forces of elements and worshiped them all , the idea of worshiping a one divine never took place in steppes the diversity and Freedom to Worshiping any God , Power was a fixed Right to the people and tribes ,all those Gods and symbols were respected and Honored by all tribes it is Common that one tribe Can revile to Many gods , powers and spirits and sacrifice creatures for his name and honor and a Mogul will address God or Two For blessing , even the Angaq Would commune with more than one though the Majority Now Pray For Migii the Spirit of Forest and the Modern representation of the Goddess Somaku .

Here is a record For the Known Khurite Gods the old ones and the new and there worshipers in All Steppe ;

Before the Tindermic empire rises in the Dawn Era Most khurite Reviled to the ancient God Naesu The Watcher and protector of Khurite and all steppe after the Conflict of succession between Naesu children " somaku , Juko & Vesnu " The balance of power Favored to Somaku defeating here two foul brothers and banishing them to sunken Isls Somaku took her father position As protector and Mother of all Khurite For 1000 Years She Was the only recognizable Divine specially in Morin Khur and Moh ki Till Bakti started to Revile to the God Soldeus "God of light and virtue " then rest the holds started to Take there own Gods and Fellowship Spirits " Morin khur Was Last to abandoned worshiping Somaku Officially , only to replace it with Migii the Modern representation of Somaku " thought some till our present Day still revile to the ancient Goddess , even till that time somaku Has special place in hearts and Minds of Khurite people .

Some Khurite Beliefs and tradition about the old goddess :

- Somaku has never actually been seen, but she is believed to always be in the form of a Hawk
- Khurites pray every morning and night to Somaku
- The Altan V were the last group of "High Khuritian Priests" to rule, now there is only one High priest with priests under him and is more of a spiritual figure and usually not a tribe leader.

- high seas and rough waters are believed to be caused by Juko & Vesnu fighting.
- When there is a full moon it is believed that it is Naesu's spirit returning for that night and shines upon the Steppe.
- The place where the battle took place against the foreigners is believed to be haunted by ghosts of the dead.
- foreigners will return in full force and test the Khurite's and Somaku's true power.

Credit Goes to @Yakazi and @RhodriTaliesin on this part .

While in Jungles , Sunken Isles and Brood Isles while Reviling to Forces of Nature and spirit of Trees and forest at that time , they Later impressed the Teaching of the Soldeus Side by side to there Formal Worship "Due to bakti influence " Till this Day they still worship Many gods Including Gods of Alvarin and siodon and other races as Well .

in Vadda and Moh ki they worshiped Seth For while then converted to Spirtits of forest and now they Worship Migii as For Toxai they Followed Morin khur worshiping Somaku then Converted to Migii following MK leads " though Some of them Still Worship Somaku till Now and it is Said they use Summoning rituals To Help sick and possessed people " .

Khurite festivals : Khurite People Have Many Social and Custom Festivals Like :
  1. Tsagaan Sar : Cagán sar / ᠴᠠᠭᠠᠨ ᠰᠠᠷᠠ, Which is Roughly Translated to " The White Moon " its the first day of the year according Khurite Culture In the national language this day (5th day of the 5th lunar month) is called "Tao Saiyir". "Tao" means five; "Saiyir" means moon/month .
  2. The Eagle Festival : is an annual traditional festival held in Morin Khur, In the eagle festival, Khurite Eagle hunters celebrate their heritage and compete to catch small animals such as foxes and hares with specially trained golden Khurite eagles, showing off the skills both of the birds and their trainers. Prizes are awarded for speed, agility and accuracy, as well as for the best traditional dress, and more.
  3. Altai-Somaku Festival : a traditional form of falconry found throughout the East Steppe and Moh-Ki Where Hunters Track and Seek Wolf To Honor The Old Goddess Somaku, The hunting is the practice of hunting gray wolves (Canis lupus) or other species of wolves Like Dire wolfs the Festival Start in Bakti then Vadda - Moh ki and Morin Khur and End in Toxai and Last For 5 Days in the 5th Month of Khurite Winter.
  4. Naed-Dum : ᠨᠠᠭᠠᠳᠤᠮNaɣadum, [ˈnaːdəm], literally means "games") is a traditional Khurite festival The festival is also locally termed "eriin gurvan naed" also known as The 5 Games of Men The games are: Khurite wrestling, horse racing, and archery, Fencing and Poetry are held throughout the country during midsummer . Women also participated in archery, Fencing, and Poetry While Young girls are allowed in the horse-racing games, but not in wrestling.
  5. Khur-ultai :ᠻᠦᠷᠦᠯᠳᠠᠶ, Khur-uldai ; Khur-ultay) a political and military Event of ancient Khurite where Moguls and Khurs Clebrate Victory , The root of the word is "Khur" (assemble/discuss) and that helps form "Khural" meaning political "meeting" or "assembly", its Dated in Each fourth year, the tribes converge to exchange goods, wedding vows and stories in Morin Khur where They also offer Gifts And Sacrifices in the Great Temple of Migii " also Miigi " .

Khurite Relation With Thursar :

it is Known That Thursar Are The product of the tragic union between Risar and Human, the hybrid Thursar are the offspring of Sexual crimes committed in the wake of battle, it known that Mothers of other Men races Like Tindremence - Kallard and Sidoian frequently abandon their bastard children to be raised in squalor and exploited as slaves and Because the prejudices of some societies deprive them of honorable means of survival, many Thursar were forced to turn to violence as These circumstances only serve to reinforce society’s view of them as brutish criminals.

its Different in The khurite Terrain Than other Parts of Myrland As Khurite Tribes and Culture Grown a Large degree of Understanding Towards Half Breeds " Thursar Khurite were Viewed as any other Khurite " , Thanks To a Long PRACTICE of Reconciliation and Acceptance Policy after the Great War The Most Majority of Thursar - Khurite Who live in The Hold's were Raised as any Khurite Young Child in a Very Forgiving And Rich Culture the Majority of Khurite people See them as " Huāhuì nohana " which can be Translated to your Language as "Flower's of War" , Adapting And Accepting those poor Children to Khurite Society and Raise Them on The Tradition and Customs of The Khurite Nation , its Rare for a Khurite to Deny there Flesh as the Society have Worked Every possible way to Adapt Those poor Soul's inside khurite Ranks and Converted them to the Light of Migii and Somaku , now many of Thursars - khurite men and Women now Serve in Vast numbers between khurite Caviler military Forces " Legions of Mounted Compact and Archery " and our Infantry forces , also Participate inside The Holds to Provide Food - weapons - Armory and Logistics , Practicing there Citizenship Rights like any other Khurite , it is Said "if one Thing we know For sure its if you Have a Khurite Blood in Your Veins then You are a Khurite".

in Khurite Culture it is Believed that when the unfortunate things Happened to the Khurite Mother She Pass the Memory of Pain and Remorse to the little baby Spirit's , So when the Child was born He will be Full of grief and Sorrow and No one can bear this pain , let alone a baby , a Baby born With broken Bloody Heart's who Won't live once he is thrown From his Mather Womb ... So Migii Spirit Visit the offspring's and Comfort them and but her Kiss on there Body For each Kiss Draw the Pain from there Heart's and leave only a mark of a black Spot on there Skin .

The West forest tribes ; The Darkest and Most bloodiest Chapter in Our religion History Lore while people in ancient times changed Rules and Gods Those Tribes Refused to Change Considers it as act of war Towards there identity So they Forced the worship of Somaku with restricted Laws Launching religious Wars And conflict With other clans and strangers , banished other khurite who Converted and forced them to Leave , the Moguls were Afraid to take actions that may Lead to a Civil war So Morin khur Mogul asked the Tindermic empire to Fix this issue since they and Morin khur were allayed and they already had some interest in the steppe , The Emperor Alexious iV sent His Horsemen and Foot fighters from Meduli and From Fabranium While The Main force Moved From the capitol Towards there residents Lead by the Emperor son Prince " Kladius The Meek " , When Main forces arrived they found empty and Clear Land and No sign of any Tribes , No sign also for the foot Fighters or the Paladins From Meduli or Febranium So they assumed they went to gather at Morin khur when the Prince Arrived to MK with the Main force He didnt find His men So he Sent Scouts around the Land Non of them returned Except one Who was badly harmed and injured He Located a battle Ground Near sawsang Lake where the all 10,000 Tindermic Men and women were killed and slaughtered , Shocked by the News Kladius went by himself with 2000 of his best knights to See What happened himself , while they passed vadda they got a cry of Help from Fabranum it stated that Khurite tribes attacked and sake the city left it on fire and Killed and skinned the Magistrate and all the Guards , while tindermic empire Stood helpless to send Re - enforcement bec the Main force is in Morin khur and they can't spare any one and leave tinderum defenseless , Refuge's Ran to tinderum For there life's it is said that people Slept in the side ways and on top of the Roofs and inside the Arena and life Stock was almost empty , the Mogul of MK sent some Life stocks with the prince to feed the people and support them when the prince arrived with his 50, 000 army he found Meduli was Also attacked and over run and only Few of it Was Still standing , Kladius Spent over 3 months fixing every thing Till a Cry of Help arrived From MK asking for help as the western Tribes Were over Running the gates , The Emperor Decided he Cant Lose another 10 thousand Men again so He Forbidden Kladius To act which forced the Young prince to take his own Guards " a 500 paladin " And Ran to Help MK , the fight was at its rush Hour when the prince arrived , without rest he Charged From behind with his knights cutting the supply Line and Stopped the Western Clans from rushing Through MK gates , it Took them while to re - arrange there ranks before they charge , the fight Was Epic and devastating Bec they Fought in narrow path there Numbers ment nothing the 500 knight and the Prince with the Help of Mk militia defended the path with there life at the End the attackers were Bushed back and MK was secured but the Prince and Most of his knights and a Handful of great khurite champions Lied Died that day and only 5 of the 500 tinderum knight's remained to tell the tale , Devastated at his Only Son Lose and the Hair to the throne Emperor Alexious iV committed suicide Leaving the Empire to Chaos For 10 years Till his cousin " Cadius Gallous I " Ascended To the thrown and first Thing he made was to Sign a Peace treaty with the wistern Tribes where they Hold aggression Vs the Empire and other khurite Holds in exchange the Empire Will leave them alone " a Treaty still active till this Day " , though MK was Stood standing save Thanks to the Prince Kladius sacrifice , The New Emperor Took The chance To Seez imperial Control on MK and Carried responsibility of the after - Math to the Mogul of MK sending an Army of 10,000 Men to overthrown My great Grand Father , Ended with siege of MK and the Mogul of MK death and Evacuation of the royal Family From the Golden Keep Thus started a New Era of Conflict Between My people and the Empire .
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Pretty history.

I was a cult follower of Seth when I was a young thursar beggar in Meduli.
Then I converted to the cult of Soldeus, who blessed me with his help in many adventures and businesses.

I was also a follower of the secret cult of the dragon. But since I embraced the faith of Soldeus, I decided to abjure Masonic cults.