The Escape from Tri Lakes 2018-07-25

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Damn! farming npcs with guards...
Nice to see tofu around again.
the amount of racism said in the first minute by aku is unimaginable lmao
Nice kiting!

Was fun watching them die to guards, hated when rpk abused their guardzone XD


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I bet anything there is absolutely nothing done by the GM's about the absolute shit spewed by the RPK kid over VOIP at the start.
This thread is a report and the video is evidence; how can they do nothing?

still surprized nothing has happen to aku and apache even though they spewed racism out and its even recorded


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really disgusting the way some retards speak in this video.But the topic have been brought a while back about this. Sv did censor vidéos like that at some point, but then they said as soon as it was audio you have to mute it and play your own music on background if you don't like it , so... meh.
i shit a liquid diareah on aku's face
Was fun to watch though i dislike what the guy said in the first minutes of the video in the game eh disgusting
hahahahahahahaha....... Love it.....
Thats why the old true MC reds would use bows... never get kitted...
with the exception of the racism remarks by the RPK member this is freaking great....
Lmao, nice kiting!

Doesn't surprise me with RPK being racist, they have a long history of having room temperature IQ.
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