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LiF devs were able to pull it off, and I have far less faith in them in comparison to sv devs
Then I think you underestimate† the Devs in Mortal Online.

Not a typo.
@Herius Directional combat for mobs. A la Gloria Victus. Fucking so many kids farming walkers always try and middle block my sword swings because the mobs teach them to fight wrong.


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can solo kimuru and take 0 damage thou edit; this probably 1 of the "biggest" bosses in mo, yet you can stand still and heal a pet and spam attack... darksoul 2 run the game without taking any damage will take you hundreds of hours of practice to learn each fight, each mob etc..
video or didn't happen. you can not solo kimuru stop talking shit.
any new about nice patch in future? i said big patch with new big thing?
This thread is something else

I feel like making popcorn every time I pop in here
Regarding pve, wether its a more challenging escenario (which should at least be organic, somewhat no repetition based), pve most terrible flaw in MO is how its designed, towards crafting and building, like a slow ass time sink progression and safe banks.

Even tho rust has periodical wipes, such a pve model is inclined towards player interaction, above all. Along with a non tedious crafting-building design (not as tedious as MO.

Ik MO community is so far obsessed with píxel hoarding. I still believe there should be no safe banks and a new whole set of mechanics regarding pve. Obviously not removing player's progression, which could but shouldnt be item based.