The great opening

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TDK great opening!
Some good noobly wind in Myrland

It was a dark and stormy night, the nightsnatches were screaming at the moon.... oh never mind intro:
"Villagers, people of the realm, farmers and fighters, may the Emperor wish you great happiness! LucasAlex9802 here, today I am writing this post in order to inform you about our guild, TDK"
Hoping you enjoy!

Who are we?

Despite of noob factor, don't understimate us: we have few gaming hours if compared to big ones, but we have a great team of active and well coordinated players, forged by difficulties and exponentially growing.

Tindrem is not exatly easy town where to live in, then you get in touch with the wilderness, even worst experience for a noob player. You may spend all your first months playing in few game areas, falling in a dark and unsatisfactory gameplay. What about TDK? The guild has been created after we all finally decided to leave and try to adventure: when we learned a bit and leveled up from totally noobs to confused new players, our guild members found each other and we decided to create this fantastic group, where we surely share the liking for this game.

True, a difficult team: we have tindremic assasins, crafters, mages, fighters, merchants and all kind of characthers inside, but togheter we organized our Discord server, we built a guild town, it was destroyed, we built again. We found friends, enemies, we learned a lot during the travels we faced togheter, about both making money and fighting: such a short time but still we did a lot thanks to our players and our friends who helped us understanding the game mechanics.​

What are we doing?


1- Trading: do not look for us if you hope for cheap service: we want to offer high quality service to everyone looking for materials, improving farming capabilities up to be able to gather and deliver enourmous quantity of goods in less than 24h (not a coincidence "Amicis volant, Pecunia manent" is our motto);

2- Delivering: not only trade but also delivering missions, we are used to trade and transport from Belrim to Morin Khur, from Tidrem to Bakti in order to satisfy whatever contract we sign;

3- Dungeon raids and PvP: great opportunity to obtain rare drops, we explore the map and we of course train for PvP events, also if our gamestyle is not that aggressive;

4- High level comunication and organization: only voice chat to be able to move efficently during dungeons and delivering, plus we write daily messages and trading reports to be informed about how to make money;

5- Roleplay and entertainment: gaming to Mortal Online and in TDK means finding a family to play with, starting with ingame prize contests to custom trophies and missions;​

Lord Ibarruri you're not the layout king anymore! ( joking, I really like how you write your posts :) )​

How did our players' TDK adventure start? How do they feel about TDK?

Despite of thousands gaming hours achieved on Mortal Online, I can say that I still consider myself a beginner. In Mortal Online you never stop learning and evolving. Not everything is perfect in TDK, but we did great until now. I assure you that, with the right people joining us, everything will turn even more fine and extraordinary.
Thalamo the Adventurer​

My adventure on mortal…what to say: it started by chance, we were only 2, after a few weeks tired of the tindremic life we make the decision, we left for the great journey.
As soon as we walked through the gates of Tindrem a world has opened up, we have met so many people with the same passion for exploring, farming and aventuring.We enriched the group by sharing our knowledge, and we were always ready to give a helping hand to a brother in difficulty, in simple terms: a large family with the name "TDK".
Thanks a lot guys for making this all possible!
Master Tamer Dangerius​

Not having a great passion for online games, expecially PC games, I ended up playing MO due to a console-addicted-friend the beginning there were just three of us, I couldn't understand what to do and how to play. But over time other guys joined us, and then more and more we're a bunch of players having fun togheter. About the game: you never stop learning, like in real life. Every day you understand new mechanics and discover new places, this is why I like playing to MO with TDK guys. I like the adrenaline that the game transmits to you, not a day is spent by me without logging to play at least 10 minutes and to hear about my friends. Thanks to all and TDK!
Kharlos the Tax Manager​

"Yaooo" - screamed Sfrizzoli Lanoce that day, entering the tavern and putting his hat on my table - "How are u my beloved?"
"Shut up man and let me drink my wine" - I answered - "Is annoying to have you here while I am counting the golds we earned thanks to today trades"
Sfrizzoli continued, beating his fist on the table and pointing his finger at me - "Hear me well, I found THEM...I found the players we're going to raid that damned Sator and to kill that damned Spider"
"Uh?"- I replied while looking to him with doubtful look - "And they speak our same language? Is not a great scam?"
"Yeah, yeah, trust me: we'll earn a lot teaming up with them, becoming trading ace and traveling weapon crafters" - He affirmed with his eyes shining.
That day I put my nahaut cigarette out, drunk my whole fermentated vitis juice glass, and signed the contract that let us join TDK. The old Sfrizzoli Lanoce would be proud of us: he was right about the money, right about the succesfully raids, right about we were going to became great Myrland traders.

LucasAlex the Wandering Merchant​

I am a new player in Mortal and I instantly joined TDK because they showed me the game.I can tell you that it was a lot easier to understand and learn the game, they helped me in everything. It is more like a family, I can trust them and I can always rely on them.
We are still not that big and not that strong, but it doesn't matter because we still always have fun and we always beat the impossible which lays in front of us on the road to glory!
Csempesz the Hunter​

Like most people who'll read this post, I am a new player, but I was lucky enough to get in contact with this guild as soon as I started playing Mortal.
Thanks to the guild members, I had the chance to learn a lot about gameplay and tricks, I would never have known some of them while not being part of TDK.
Moreover, thanks to the numerous trading contracts they offer, I managed to earn a lot of money in a very short time. If you are looking for a guild that can teach you and advise about what to do during your journey, surely choose to enter TDK.
Agramor the Alchemist​

Still intrested, maybe you want to enroll or simply looking for trading?

Sure, we're looking for both rookies and veterans, but be prepared: we use Discord to comunicate while playing every evening, our Discord Bots are best for team managment and music, plus we have also Telegram group with any info you can imagine about Mortal Online, so we work to have a good-not-childish atmosphere: everyone know when to joke and when to be serious, everyone works for improving himself and the guild, because having fun and working hard are the only ways to become stronger.​

Contact us!
We are at your disposal for any info, trades or questions.

Using Discord:

- @Thalamo#5187
- @Danger#0165
- @CARLOS#1799
- @LucasAlex9802#0816
- @İnce memed#4128
- @szmate2003#9897
- @si58#8295

Using Telegram:

- @TDK_Thalamo
- @TDK_Dangeius
- @kharlos92
- @LucasAlex9802
- @IlLupo88
- @AllHailSlavs
- @Agramor

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"Amicis volant, Pecunia manent"
( Friends can change, money remains forever )

It's great to see new commercial homes being born and to see new guilds with ambitions trying to write their history in Myrland.
ASH, DUKE, and now TDK.
I love your presentation, it reminds me of the days when I was at DUPP and was trying to introduce myself to the community and be a good trader.
This kind of post and the motivation of new groups makes me want to help them and see them grow.
It's great. Seriously, my friend, I wish you luck and I love seeing Myrland's economic life reborn.
If you need any advice on business or the market with pleasure my door is open.

I must say that these boys have supplied me with wood weeks ago, in a serious and efficient way. They are good workers, honest, educated and respectful. Over time they could become a great guild of traders.
From ROYAL BANK OF TINDREM, we want to wish you the best and recommend your services.
It is a pleasure to collaborate and do business with them.

Good job Lucas.