The Ring Of Daggers " A Walk inside Dagger Fighting Style in Nave "

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A guide for Dagger fighting style

This Section is only useful For Foot Fighters alone :

dagger are a light, One-Handed weapons with a short blade and hilt that is found in Nave , Although Many fighters underestimate them for being tiny young little weapons there High Damage and skill make them deadly Vs any Foe though they have the shortest reach of any other weapon but still make them a respective weapon set , they swing the fastest, consume the least amount of stamina, and have the highest sneak attack multiplier " thanks to the Backstab skill which we talk about in a Complete chapter Later " .


Daggers in Nave do much damage per hit than any other One-Handed weapons like the Sword, Mace, or Axe , "with Backstabbing skill the dagger's attack speed is faster, stronger allowing the wielding character to be more nimble and making the dagger a very suitable weapon for Thief's " thought we dont have assassination in Mortal but some players like to have fun and take Rules " .

Since the dagger has a shorter reach than most other weapons, it is suitable for fighting in close quarters and avoiding hitting friendly characters or creatures accidentally.

Of course, because of their High pricing damage they are Much closer to spear playing style though there Small size Give them more ability To
manipulate there opponent by dancing around Him , also some Dagger have a great slashing attack so its best For those who wiled two hand weapon to have daggers with another fast weapon like katana blade " with dual - strike " or they can get better def by using a shield to cover them " recommend "

The dagger, being the smallest of the wield-able weapon, is the weakest one to use for blocking , since weapons larger than the blocking weapon will force damage through and will shorten the Life of your Dagger , For example a Greatsword will easily penetrate a dagger's block, although some damage is still absorbed by the dagger " its is best to avoid Blocking with daggers and use shield unless u are pretty Good at Parry " parry Doesn't Effect the life excellent of Daggers or weapons in general as i recall it "

there are Many types of Daggers i Can remember Few my self Like " Mercy Daggers " who are one of the most common and fastest stabbing weapons and Gives his wileder many Chances of weak spot hits not to forget the epic Damage Vs other players .
" Sawtooth Daggers " who are of a Slashing knife Look its True its a Decent light weapon and fast Swinger but its the Lowest damage in all Dagger Sets .
" Heavy Dagger " a Decent Slashing Dagger thought its heavier and slower than any of the dagger Sets .
" Parry Dagger " i never used them in fact i rarely run to some one using them in 2 years of playing with dagger on my FF .

Based on personal experience As a FF i have encounter Many Types of weapons experienced Many Damages and the Fastest Swift death i Ever had Was on a Hand of a Dagger FF who attacked me only Twice with 172 and 140 Weak spots in Tindrem GY many years ago " i was on Mol Set at that time Mol offers Decent def and was pretty Common " that trigerd me into Looking at daggers and payed more attention to it and after that i started training and had a real Great time with them , its true i dont know Much about Weapon Crafting but based on my personal experience i Can tell you about Best materials you Can use for daggers handles - Core - Heads as a Fighter and i start with :

Handles : while Handles are mostly over Looked by many Fighters , the W of the Handle Determine the speed and Velocity of the swing that Can save some stamina when wielding the weapon its Recommend in General to use Light Materials and Handle types " For example a spongWood khurite 1h Handle is extremely light but only disadvance it doesnt give much damage if you some how hit your Foe with handle which isn't really a Goal of Daggers u Must use weapon head , and a spong Handle will give the weapon a short Life time of use in general but will allow More Faster attacks " but Many other players tend to increase Damage of handles and dura of there weapon specially if they using an expensive metal as head " like tungsteel or Oghmium " So they use heavier wood " like dapple or Firm or Grey " or use Animal materials as handle " Bone and emalj " are general used while few use " Horns " , here is some Selective Materials u can use on handles :

First : Dendrology " From Lighter to heavier "
iron wood
Stone Wood
tapii Wood* " thought it isn't heavier than Stone or iron wood i kept it Last bec its the very best choice For weapon crafting and bow crafting its extremely light and add a great duar and damage to weapons in general my top choice though its expensive "

Sec : animal materials
Bone Tissue
Iron bone
Dense Crepite,Crepite
Horn`s,Compat , great Horn`s
All Dental Lore`s

third : Textiles Lore
IronWool (in common with Fure)
Leptoid Scale

Fure lore : Guard Fur , Ground Fur

leather Lore : Quality leather

Core : The core of the weapon sets the basis and range for weight and durability the handle will generate. Modifying from a less dense to a more dense material will have a much greater effect on the final weight and durability than coat material , the best selection For core is Metals for more handle damage - Wood for swift and Lightness - and textile and fure - Leather are between " need confirmation "

Dagger Heads : the Main Focus here Basically Most Fighters tend to use Metals as First choice or Extracted Rocks as Secondary choice , the poor one use animal Materials " doesn't come handy in PVP still u can Craft some For PVE , killing noops or Rising skill "

Metals : " From Best to Lesser "
Tungstee " nice but heavy "
tindremic messing

Minerology and Sedimentary Rocks

At Last Judging on what i Noticed the Dagger fighting style is Largely Grown in Nave in past Few years , the weapon itself Help those Who know how to dance Around there foe and provide Fast and Swift death , Deadly and Fast in the Hands a single player can take down a lot of Fighters in single battle , Like Maces Daggers make use oF the Element of surprise and Require a Fighter who Move Faster , swifter and Good Attack timing Mostly a Race with high Dex and stamina will do well Like Alvarin Race or Khurite with medium size " Since it doesn't require Much str to use " even if fighter Stout he over Run the Majority of players .

Down here are some Links to some players who played some of that style For Demonstration :

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