Theoretical Most Common Human Bloodline Mixes

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So while thinking on the topic of the mixing of human bloodlines in MO, I started thinking about how certain groups are fairly isolated from one another while others are direct neighbors and can reach each other with relative ease. As a person with ancestry from all over IRL thinking of this stuff just generally appeals to me I guess.

I listed these out as a thought process to myself and thought other people might be interested or might inform me on some bits of lore I may have missed that might change things. From my understanding/theory, this would be the most-to-least common:
  1. Tindremene/Khurite (History [Long history of interaction], Lore [Nomadic Khurites actively seek to have children with visitors to keep from inbreeding], Location [Direct Neighbors])
  2. Tindremene/Kallard (History [Invasion of Nordveld by Tindremenes, who then established a settlement], Location [Across the Inner Sea -- both cultures seem to be fairly active sea-travelers, historically a bridge connected them directly to one another, also there is a Kallardian/Blainn settlement near Tindrem])
  3. Sarducaan/Kallard (History [Invasion of Sarducaa by Kallards], Location, Multiple Kallards found in Sarducaa.)
  4. Tindremene/Sarducaan (History [Invasion of Sarducaa by Tindremenes, Tindremenes staying in Beth Jeddah])
  5. Sarducaan/Sidoian (Presence of many Sidoians across Sarducaa makes me think it's fairly common to see them around. Due to their similar below-the-fault location they probably trade and interact fairly often. Note: Sidoian outcasts who can't adapt to Sidoian society's intense structure/rules may go to Sarducaa -- as they're often exiled after enough mistakes.)
  6. Kallard/Sidoian (If both have presences in Sarducaa, then some degree of interaction is fairly likely as they're both liable to gravitate towards Beth Jedda).
  7. Sarducaan/Khurite (Lore-wise it's mentioned that there were/are Khurites in Sarducaa, entirely native to the lands. However, a lack of their influence/presence makes me unsure of how many there really would be. If they're very common, this may go up significantly. If there aren't any anymore, or they're very rare, then this would go down significantly. In the case of a lack of them, potentially to the bottom.)
  8. Kallard/Khurite (Little historical or cultural reason behind it from what I understand, most interactions would be circumstantial and probably within the scope of Tindremic societies. Kallards would have had to go from Nordveld to Central/Eastern Myrland or find the (potentially rare) Sarducaan Khurites. There is a Kallardian/Blainn settlement in Myrland, though, which boosts the chances.)
  9. Khurite/Sidoian (Presence of a Sidoian Palindrome-Named Author mentioned in context to Mohki makes their presence in Southern Myrland a possibility, but otherwise they're cut off from eachother by an ocean and then a huge jungle full of monsters.)
  10. Tindremene/Sidoian (From what I understand, very little historical precedent here. Very locationally isolated from one another thanks to Tecton's Fault and the Stairs of Echidna [Jungles], heading directly out of the jungles would lead one to Khurite territory, so they'd have to pass through that to get to Tindremenes. Of course, if Sidoians are naturally attracted to the order that Tindremic Society provides, they may get bumped above Khurite/Sidoian or even Kallard/Khurite if there's enough of an inclination there.)
Anyone else have any comments/suggestions? Not the most thrilling topic, but still something to consider! Especially with MO's bloodline mixing system.


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Sometimes people go a long way just for sex.

Tho the lores doesn't state any group not wanting to mix the bloodline?
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Sometimes people go a long way just for sex.

Tho the lores doesn't state any group not wanting to mix the bloodline?
Not really from what I recall.

Tindremenes may not have wanted to historically, but they're also Tindremenes so not wanting to doesn't necessarily mean that they didn't all the time considering how much they traveled around and settled and interacted (remember, of those half-orcs running about with human fathers, that human daddy is often Tindremene). Modern Tindremenes (particularly the commoners) don't care as much as they historically did about "bloodline purity". The condition was also "one parent has to be of the 'True Tindremene' bloodline for the child to be a Plebeian", if I recall correctly, so that isn't really even not wanting to mix there it's more of keeping a pedigree. (And there may be "Tindremenes" who aren't "True Tindremenes" which is confusing but I've posted my theories about how that works before.)

Khurites aren't fans of Tindremenes in Morin Khur (or abroad), but I think their beef seems to be more with the Tindremic Empire rather than all Tindremic people. They seem to be keen on taking people into their groups as well. The lore specifically states the nomads will take new baby-making opportunities when they can get it, so it's a matter of practicality. I wonder how many Khurite single mothers there are out there... But I'd imagine in Morin Khur and Toxai they might be able to afford to be a bit more prejudiced with who they lay with.

Sarducaans, Sidoians, and Kallards don't give any inclination of "not wanting to mix" as of yet from what I remember.

Sidoians might be weird about it though, especially that "Super Rule/Condition Following" kind of Sidoian. I feel like they'd be the only "Don't mix the bloodline!" types that would actually stick to it to a terrifying degree (if that's a rule). The kinds of Sidoians born without that rule-needing mindset might not care -- but they're not as common as the other type from what I understand.