This week: Starter Island DISCUSSION

Hello everyone!

This weeks update will hopefully answer some of your questions regarding the new starter Island.
These are the current plans and ideas, which may or may not change.

Q: How long can you stay on the Island?
A: For as long as the player wants to, we don't want to stress players to leave the Island until they feel they are ready.

Q: How will the flagging system work on the Island?
A: You will be yellow flagged (Safe from being attacked by other players) during your whole stay on the Island.
However, we will add the option to drop your yellow flag and go blue, but once you drop it, you can't get it back, so we will make it very clear and
advice players to NOT do this unless they 100% certain they know what they are doing. (So they can't be tricked into doing this.)

We feel that turning off the yellow flag will be a great way to let our current veteran player base to create new characters to also enjoy the Island, and play it
side by side with our new players who can watch and learn from the veterans as they engage in PvP with eachother.

Q: Will there be a way to try PvP without dropping your yellow flag?
A: Yes, there will be the duel mechanic that we have today, and also an underground arena where everyone who enters will be grey flagged,
and you can attack and get attacked by anyone without risking murdercounts.
This arena will have an instanced door that requires that you to talk to an NPC that explains the dangers to you before he opens the door,
so you can't enter it by mistake.

Q: What resources will be on the Island?
A: There will be Saburra and Granum to mine and extract, different types of wood, but excluding the higher tier ones.
The Island will be populated with different animals that can give animal materials up to Horned scale tier, bone/dental materials,
and the lower tier materials such as leathers and furs.

Q: What type of mounts will there be?
A: There will be Donkeys, Mongrel horses and Steppe horses.

Q: What other restrictions will there be?
A: Not all skill books will be available on the Island, for example, you can only learn ecumenical magic, you will only be able to find the
common Librarian armor books, and higher tier material lore books wont be available.

Q: Will I be able to build a house on the Island?
A: No, there will be no housing nor TC on the island.

Q: When you decide to leave the island, is there no going back?
A: Once you leave, you can never go back.

Q: Already existing characters will be blocked from this island?
A: Existing characters can't travel to the Island.

I hope these answers will give you a clearer picture of what we are aiming for.
Have a great weekend!
This questions are the very basic stuff that has to be on point, why not to ask proper questions? I mean, the real purposes of a newbie island not this trivial shit.
Are guards even necessary to have in town if you don't want to get attacked stay yellow. This would eliminate any need for a red town. No guards would mean no guard zone warriors, pvp would benefit immensely.

One of the fist things a new player would notice is how buggy and poorly implemented the guards are. Like teleportation, floating, stuck animations, hitting and moving through walls just to name a few.

Lictors would be a big mistake their armor would be top tier over anything player crafted but knowing SV the town will have guards every ware. No blue only priests are necessary as well.


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