Training dummies

Training Dummy in Beth Jedda?

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The fair, tax paying citizens of Sarducaa demand training dummies in Beth Jedda. Any of the town's really...

Would really make living out of sard, in the npc towns alot more viable.


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I want one for a house please!


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I have a training ground with one dummy at my house in front of Beth Jedda.
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At the Thunderdome just outside?
There the TC around there I suppose.

I just feel it would be prudent to allow us the option to use a "protected" one in Sarducaa.

Sure we can build TC, pay prom and gold upkeep, but why must we invest all that work, when Mryland has them in multiple towns?

Please help us sand monkeys have the same opportunities as our humid brothers out east.

Adding a dummy should be minimal effort, compared to the various changes made and the ones planned. Just slap er down near the building with the pool (btw, what's with the no well thing??)
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One more thing....sure we can build it. Sure we can pay for it and defend it....but if we get steam rolled by a massive force, we don't have a town to get back on our feet from.
At least mryland if you get wiped out, allies die etc, you can still train horses, pets and players inside the confines of an NPC town....

Supposed to train horses on Tikans and Uriels?