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Henrik Nystrom

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Dear community.
It is time for an update on the current progress of Mortal Online.

We are doing daily external tests on the new engine and there are a lot of things to go through.
While our test group is doing an amazing job in helping us cover all the areas there still remains some more time before we are ready to put it live.

The bug fix list along with the engine switch is a LONG list.
It is not only the engine switch with several improvements, but a lot of bugs have been fixed and needs to be tested and confirmed. This is important polish for our game and is needed to make it ready for Steam release.

We have secured good cooperation with a few talented studios that produce in-game content for us. Especially for the new continent and our upcoming features such as TC.

Other than bug fixes, there are other polish areas and balance changes coming to improve the game play further. Archery is getting some attention as well, as it's never really been a fully enjoyable and useful profession on foot. We are adding 2 archery skills, that will help archers to make use of that profession by foot as an option. You will also be able to upgrade arrows with new arrow tips. It is still not Fletchery, which will allow even more options for making your own arrows. Currently, you can enhance weapons and armors. Now,you will be able to modify arrow tips. Some balance is also incoming affecting our lykiators and horses. The climb angle on lykiators has been adjusted so they cannot climb steeper than a player on foot. Horses should be more clear as the faster main speed mount. Knockdowns have been adjusted and will only work on really big mounts.

Last step now, is to confirm the bug fixes on test sessions, go through the balance changes once again.

We have finished the first draft of our upcoming donation armor. Thanks to one of our donators within our community we will implement a new, light styled armor. Hopefully we can share the result of that here shortly.
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