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Its been well over a week now since Haven release. Here is what we know:

- You can only make a character on Haven if its your first character
- Herius says only the first character on account having access is a bug
- Sebastion on steam forums seems to claim the opposite of this
- Many veterans deleted a slot and subbed to prepare for Haven

We have had no quick fix or official statement. The excitement and momentum around Haven (for Veterans at least) is fizzling out. Its really frustrating to see such potential go to waste yet again due to a coding bug, incompetence or just lack of unity in Starvault.

So what is going on? Is it intended or when will it be fixed?

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I deleted a toon 9 days ago to be able to get into haven. I check every reset to see if they have finally fixed it. Kinda getting fed up with it.


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I also deleted a character but started with a new f2p account in Haven. Waiting for the subscribed account to be used at Haven.
It's beyond ridiculous, even if you make a new account only the first character get access to Haven.


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@Herius @Sebastian Persson

The people wanna know what you guys doing, we are all waiting for that fix.
i just subbed my heaven account i want to make a crafter but i dont pay like 3 account with only 1 charackte rin to do so WTF

fix this guys i would like to sell good weapons and stuff to noobies.

by the way Haven is very good made form you guys seriously. just 1 single calx node deep in a dungeon would be perfect


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I also deleted a char in advance. Im sure that they plan to fix it like Herius has said, but I suspect that:

1: SV doesnt realize how big of a dissapointment this is to us.

2: SV still havent learned the value of communication.

Why wasnt an official announcement made on the first day informing players of this bug and giving an ETA on the fix? All we ever get is random posts on the forum that only the active forum users see.
Ive met several new players in Haven who was completely unaware of this issue. Are you just leaving them to find out the hard way after buying more slots?

The community shouldnt even have to ask these questions. You as a company should be at the forefront of communication and be eager to inform us of these issues and coming solutions.

Have you ever been waiting for a train and not known if it will come in 10 minutes or in 10 hours and you dont know if you should wait or just take a taxi? That is how all of us are feeling right now.
@Sebastian Persson @Henrik Nystrom
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He doesnt specificly say that it is intended, he just says that that is how it works. I find it likely that it was not implemented on purpose, but an issue they knew about and simply didnt bother to fix.

Edit: I see that steam has completly trashed the entire patch due to this issue, just as these forums have. What on earth are they doing that is so important that this issue is not being prioritized? They must be curing fucking cancer.
What is going on, exactly? I'm out of the loop and curious.
An unknown number of veteran players (probably many) deleted one of their characters so that they can hopefully create a new one in its place to play on Haven, only to find out that it requires an account with zero existing characters.

@Herius has said that this was not intended and a fix is in the works, however it has been over a week and no word on when we can expect the said fix. The community is once again banging on SV’s gates with pitchforks in frustration at the lack of communication on this matter.


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well make new account and go to haven :D


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Veterans want access to Haven because:
Why would Veterans want access to Haven?
  • was designed for Veteran player access, and access for new characters was promised without reference to whether the player was new or not.
  • It's fun. Probably only for a certain length of time for most folks, but that's irrelevant to your question.
  • It's a meeting and recruiting place. It's also, probably, busier right now than the other parts of Mortal Online that aren't embroiled in the bitter struggle not to yawn while staging a 'civil war'.
  • Hard though it is to imagine for those whose fantasies of power do not include anything pro-social, some people look forward using their in-game competence, experience, and veteran influence to help newbies. Haven is where the newbies are.
Haven is also:
  • A place where several players have vowed undying hatred in the form of griefing newbies as hard as possible.
    • And, it seems, there is a temporarily a way to do that by grey-blocking yellow-flagged people.
Haven was built for vets and new players alike, SV just failed on day one to allow the former to access it on their accounts with existing characters.


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Also, I think that there is some limit access number for f2p accounts in Haven.
Because I create a new f2p account but sometimes I can't login.