Want to sell "hideout" house on graveyard island near Tindrem.

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Just realized I had late taxes on this and got it paid for another month.

Since there was interest in it before I thought I would post it for sale before I forget again and it is lost.

So I will be taking offers if there is anyone interested.

Payment will be upfront first unless someone like Ruben Ibarruri is willing to be a middle man.



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500g in Tindrem.
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Thanks Apsalar!

I will give it until this weekend to see if there is any more intrest. If not it will be yours if you are still interested.
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Just trying to figure out which of my characters actually owns it now. Lol...

Once I figure that out then I will be able to sell.

With only being able to check one f2p account a day, it may take a few days if the owner is on one of those.


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No problems. Money is ready.