Warhammer Age of Sigmar

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I had to make a thread about this so I could bicker and moan with fellow Warhammer and table-top enthusiasts.

What is this abortion of an idea that is coming to fruition? Are they seriously ditching their 35+ years of Warhammer lore for a cash grab, that may not even work out? Does anyone else think that the good guys way too closely resemble Space Marines?

And why of all times decide to make this right when Warhammer: Total War is coming out, which is set in the very lore that they are ditching. Anybody else confused?

I still play sixth edition WFB, albeit it has been awhile. Night Gobbos all the way.

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WTF? This looks like crap :eek: I know GW has been focusing on 40k for last 5+ years and fantasy is kind of dead at least here, but to throw it away and replace it with utter garbage?

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I'm quite stunned as well. I have the Warhammer 7th edition boxed set, the 7th edition Empire book and a few other books but that's as far as I got into the hobby due to the extraordinary costs here in Australia. I remember when those codices and army books cost $50... not $85.

I only ever continue to read the books and absorb the artwork, whilst playing what few PC Warhammer games there are.

The End Times was entertaining because I thought the world was too confined to one particular period and was only ever revised, not progressed. But the way it suddenly ended really shocked me. :/

I thought they would use this opportunity to perhaps re-write some aspects or give them some freedom. This isn't a reboot of Warhammer. This is a complete re-write.

The lore itself is just rubbish. It is contrived, rips off names and gives them very little substance. And that's quite impressive considering early editions of Warhammer initially gave the impression of Tolkein fan-fiction before it finally found its way...

I'll continue to follow it for now, but I don't like it. And the table-top game? It looks shit. Warhammer was about regiments. If we wanted skirmish they could have continued to expand and support Mordheim.


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Well I see it as a cash grab. It´s obviously aimed at a younger audience. WFB was always more of nerd system than 40k and now they are trying to make easier and cooler. I really liked the lore of the world, so all this bullshit they are trying to pull seems pathetic. I haven´t read the endtimes books, but from what friends tell me it´s probably a waste of time.

Since I still got all the books from 5th to 8th I doubt I´ll be playing AoS. Gonna stick with 40k and Warmachine for the forseeable future.
Hey guys the next batch of AoS miniatures to be released has been leaked, check it out:

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