What really killed Mortal Online?


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Actually, if you read my post carefully I was saying IF the reason why SV hasn’t posted a photo already was because they don’t want to reveal their new hires’ identities then put a black rectangle over their faces. Otherwise, I would have wanted to see the team together in a group photo without any concealed identities.
Exactly. Weird as F.
"Why so fixated on not having a picture put up?"​
-- @Dalacor

Very good question. It is TRADITION. Traditionally, when new <del>slaves are purchased</del> <ins>devs are hired or interns acquired</ins> by Star Vault, their <del>bodies are branded</del> <ins>faces are photoshopped onto funny pictures</ins>. There are examples in the Athenaeum Regalis¹ ². However, to carry on with this tradition, faces will have to be exposed.

Oh.... Your one of the team, that explains it. Mudj is MO2 dev lead!!
Perhaps we should Hopeto be so lucky as to have the Great Khan & famous streamer, Tehmudjin, Vanquisher of Evil as the MO2 Lead Developer.* (As a Dev, he would not be subject to the prohibition (if any still exists) on posting RL pictures or other personally identifying information.)

If the rumour is true, however, having yet another picture of him would be a double-edged sword, as we have no guarantee that the destabilising effect they have on population growth would not become an international as opposed to a merely Swedish crisis.³ A drop in the birthrates of all countries where players of Mortal Online view this forum could, in turn, impact the population of MO2 when, in 2 years or 20, it finally arrives.;)

¹ https://www.starvault.se/mortalforums/threads/ode-to-the-intern-pontus.42441/
² https://www.starvault.se/mortalforums/threads/ode-to-the-new-intern-kennie.42343/

For full disclosure, I may or may not receive a small commission for every time I mention his titles.
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A ridiculous amount of game breaking bugs, cheats, exploits, and gm's in peoples pockets. Not to mention how terrible quality of life was. And rather then fix the foundation they kept adding more crap and didnt prioritize the importance of what they were doing. First and foremost you need a stable game. Which is why i hope mo2 isnt open for beta until its in a more complete form. From there you can just stock pile the reasons people left. Terrible PvE, SV's inability to balance, lame butchery, OP pets, Walls blocking important content, insert wtf ever here. Then servers became dead and the reason became server population and dead cities. But the number one reason i couldnt get friends and my guildies to stay is how unstable MO was. Prep for an hour to get where your going and items have disappeared from your bag, falling thru the world, getting stuck on a pebble on the side of the road...

For the longest time you couldnt move an item from a bag into bank or you couldnt move a split stack without that item disappearing. Rather then making something so important as that priority number one, they are like Durrrr heres magic to complicate life for us even more.

So Incompetence, Final answer.
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TC mecan
Sarducan chupa
broken mecanics
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I played this game a lot of time. I would defend it and recommend it to my friends.

For me the security breach which made me probably lost my account and some friends also lost their account was the end of my MO story.

SV just doesnt play the game, never did, they test it in their sandbox and have some fun but they dont play their game.

If they did, they wouldnt spend time on adding more features like magic when they still have some garbage mechanics which punish the player.

They wanted to make the game so "real" it became a pain in the ass game to play filled with bugs.
New Haven release was the final nail in the coffin. How do you let a bug through that disallows current accounts from trying it out?
This is just a constant cycle of SV not actually playing/play testing their game. So many simple oversights (and not just with this)


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New Haven release was the final nail in the coffin. How do you let a bug through that disallows current accounts from trying it out?
This is just a constant cycle of SV not actually playing/play testing their game. So many simple oversights (and not just with this)
The biggest patch in years, hyped af and somehow they think Its no big deal if people cant go there with their proper account. The ultimate let down.
The biggest patch in years, hyped af and somehow they think Its no big deal if people cant go there with their proper account. The ultimate let down.
They even released a patch yesterday that didn’t even address the account issue. This just proves they can’t release anything in a timely manner, without egregious problems
I’ve been wanting to see the crew in a photo for quite a while, if SV wants to hide their new hires’ identities online to keep them from being randomly pressured by members of the community for answers, then just use Microsoft Paint and put a black rectangle over their faces or something.
You are absolutly right, thats exacly why i got some pics of the dev team working hard on haven.

mo dev team 1.png

mo dev team 2.png

mo dev team 3.png

mo dev team 4.png
Haven't posted in ages, but was feeling nostalgic tonight and saw this thread. My 2 cents as a filthy casual who played for a while back in 2013:

I get that a lot of the veterans of the game fell in love really early in the game and had lots of fun just playing this as a pure PvP game, and that's the only way they see the game. What I saw as a new player was a fantastic world with taming, exploration, a really intricate crafting system, all kinds of weird unknown stuff, and you could get fat or buff and there was magic, and the thrill of having no rules or protections outside the city gates. It seemed like the massively multiplayer love child of Skyrim and Ultima Online.

Unfortunately it only seemed that way. The big problem is that I think the developers never truly understood their own game or the scope of what they were trying to do. What's worse is how they consistently taken the completely wrong direction for the game (Sarducca, new Magic systems, Haven, etc).

  • PvE
Old videos of PvE I've seen sucked balls. PvE today sucks balls. The devs never seemed to grasp what a big place PvE plays or should play in even PvP centric games. The dungeons should be hot spots that everyone wants to go for, PvE should be fun in its own right. Nothing PvE related ever is in this game though, because it is just HELL.

Impossible to read NPC's, clipping, rubberbanding, all manner of bullshit. And what do the developers do instead of trying to actually fix their game? They just add another fucking continent. Or a magic system. Or a starter island when the game has probably less than 100 people playing.

  • PvP
This wasn't the first PvP MMO, yet the developers obviously never learned any lessons from games like UO or Shadowbane or EVE. We know that players in these types of games coalesce into monolithic alliances and seek to protect their toys, yet the systems in place only encourage that further.

Walls fucking everywhere, the major guilds at any given time mostly intent on stomping any new players or guilds out of existence. If anything the PvP systems in a game like this should discourage these things, try to keep things dynamic, make sure to always keep guilds on their toes.

One thing that always seemed off to me even as a mostly carebear player was how powerful mounteds were, ranged or otherwise. From a pure "fun" standpoint it would make sense to simply not allow to have tanky mounts in the game. Fast mounts sure, but you should be able to dismount anyone with minimal effort.

To top it off, there is the issue of the populations effect on the PvP scene. Even when I was playing in 2013 (probably 500-1000 players on average) there seemed to be a lot more wolves than new players. That could also come down to the fact that most of them were in Tindrem, and would probably quit the game after their first time getting ganked in the graveyard.

I can't imagine how any new player would cope with the game today. Which makes this latest update so fucking ridiculous and meaningless, I'm sorry to say. If I'm being honest, I think even if Starvault did everything right at this point the game will still never recover. I sincerely wish you luck with Mortal Online 2, I hope you took away some lessons from this game. I really want you to succeed.

(Just spent an hour of my friday evening writing this post, for a game I haven't played for 6 years and probably will never play again.. What can I say, either I'm a very very sad person, or the game is special enough to have left a real impression on me.. probably a bit of both :D )