who is still playing from way back

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me ill start it off feb 24th 2010


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Beta block B: August 2009


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Played mostly beta, then off-on waiting for a magical patch. bought the game after 2 years, still lurking.


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Few months before closed beta. Playing on mofo, tho.


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i was here since beta, started playing after it was out with its 14 day trial and made a foum acc a few months after i got my first sub to look for guild or something.


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but I did follow the development already before joining the forums
Played for a little while at the release, my PC explodes and I came back arround 2 years ago
I stumbled on it sometime during open beta.

I have had some less active times but have pretty much been around since then.
Well I was in alpha I think, got one of those exclusive goodie bag with some artwork and stuff :p. Though I havent been active since a long time :D, played mostly in Valhalla.


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Open beta, but I didn´t start playing much till after dawn.
late 2010 I believe, brother too. But sarducca didn't catch his attention much so, just me now </3


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Beta B, and played for about 2y after relese and then on and off since then!

Now i'm back again after like 1½y break and i'm realy enjoy all the new patches since last time i played. So i will most likely be around for a long time! :)
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